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How Do You Know If You Have Inferiority Complex?

It is perfectly normal to see how other people might be doing better in life more than you, it is actually pretty healthy because you could use that as some form of motivation. However, some people suffer from what people call is as an unrealistic inadequacy throughout the person’s entire life. It is most commonly known as having an inferiority complex. It is when someone feels inferior in any type of way in almost every situation.


• The first type are people who know they are either good-looking, intelligent, etc. but they actually still feel inferior, which can be a mysterious feeling of not being good enough. It can either be caused by a bad experience that made him or her feel this way.
• The second one is that they know they have these particular flaws, and they just feel like they don’t deserve to receive affection, love, and support.
If you think you are suffering from an inferiority complex, then here are a couple of symptoms you might be having.


When a person feels inferior, he or she is most likely to feel rejected all the time, and every comment people give him or her, even if it is positive, he or she will take it the wrong way and just think of every negative thing possible. It is just their way of reacting towards things so sensitively.

It is pretty difficult to deal with a person who is incredibly sensitive, but it is more difficult to change that about yourself if you are one, because it is certainly not something to live by.


Another major sign that you have an inferiority complex is that you are definitely overly critical about yourself and in everything that you do. Being overly critical can actually be connected to being a perfectionist. People who have inferiority complex often think and feel that every single thing they do is never good enough or will never be good enough.

This can definitely be a problem since being a perfectionist often ruin a person’s particular talent. For instance, there is a young man who aspires to be a painter, he is indeed very talented and absolutely incredible at what he does. The only problem is, he doesn’t think so. Instead of being able to paint the most beautiful paintings, he always ends up throwing everything away because nothing is ever good enough for him. At the end of the day, he will think of himself as a failure, because of the extremely high standards that he put on himself.


This next one is probably the most common one. A person doesn’t need to have an inferiority complex to think and act like this, especially in this generation, but it is a major sign. Comparing yourself, what you do, what you have, and even who you are, to others, is the worst thing you can do. Some people have it severely, and then there are some who don’t even realize this themselves.

People who have this particular habit of comparing themselves to others, never feel good enough. They never see their good side, because they always look at others. All they see is their flaws. People, in general, are not perfect, there will always be a glitch in life. The most common thing that people compare their lives to is about living a particular lifestyle. They would envy their neighbor who are traveling, who has the new car, it is basically endless.


Finally, all the things above can be triggered by social media. People have the habit to share literally every single thing on their social media accounts, especially teenagers. A person who has inferiority complex would be extremely sensitive especially if they post a photo and only a few people liked it or if someone made a harmless joke about it. They would also tend to compare their lives with their friends.
It is totally inevitable but having an inferiority complex is something a person must get rid of. It is definitely not healthy emotionally and mentally, sometimes even physically. So if you have any of these signs, talk to someone about it or seek professional help.

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