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How Kate Middleton’s Earrings Helped Raise $13k in Charity For Mental Health

Fans of British Royals know that Princess Kate’s choice of accessories often speaks volumes about causes close to her heart. On an unforgettable World Mental Health Day in October 2023, her selection of a pair of star-shaped earrings was not just a fashion statement but a poignant tribute to a young life lost and a clarion call for mental health awareness.

A Tribute to Issy Phipps

Jared / IG / In memory of Issy Phipps, who lost her life due to a mental disability, the Princess of Wales donned the special earrings designed by Issy’s cousin, Sophie McGown.

The backstory of these earrings is heartrending yet inspirational. Seventeen-year-old Issy Phipps tragically ended her life in April after a tough battle with depression, leaving behind a family grappling with immeasurable grief.

In memory of Issy, her cousin Sophie McGown, who runs the jewelry brand EAR SASS, crafted the Issy Star earrings. These earrings were not just jewelry but a homage to Issy’s vibrant spirit. The moment Princess Kate was seen wearing the Issy Star earrings, the narrative shifted from one of sorrow to one of action and hope. The impact was immediate and profound.

Known for her influence on fashion trends, the Princess’s choice brought an unprecedented spotlight to the earrings and, more importantly, the cause they represented. Orders for the earrings surged, with fans from across the globe contributing to the cause, turning a personal tragedy into a worldwide movement for mental health awareness.

For each pair sold, approximately $6.5 was donated to Brave Mind, a mental health charity, culminating in over $13,000 raised. A testament to the power of collective effort.

Marca / Princess Kate, upon receiving these earrings from Issy’s mother at Maidenhead Rugby Club, made a heartfelt promise to wear them, a promise she honored on a day dedicated to mental health awareness.

Honoring a Champion for Mental Health

In recognition of Princess Kate’s commitment to mental health advocacy, Sophie McGown introduced a new design: The Catherine Earrings. Named in honor of the Princess of Wales, these earrings symbolize the ongoing partnership between the royal family and mental health initiatives.

Selling out immediately, they proved the enduring appeal of royal support for charitable causes.

A Cause Beyond Fashion

The story of Princess Kate and the Issy Star earrings transcends the confines of royal fashion. By choosing to wear these earrings, Princess Kate used her platform to spotlight mental health, demonstrating how influential figures can drive awareness and change.

Through personal loss and remembrance, the story behind the earrings encourages open conversations about mental health struggles and the importance of support.

A Lasting Legacy

Parade / The overwhelming response to the earrings illustrates how communities can come together to support each other and champion causes that affect so many.

At the heart of this story is a reminder of the power of empathy, understanding, and the human connection in addressing mental health challenges. The Princess of Wales’s choice exemplifies how public figures can leverage their influence to foster positive change and support vital causes.

Plus, the success of the fundraising efforts underscores the impact of collective action, showing how each contribution, no matter how small, can add up to make a significant difference. Princess Kate’s decision to wear the Issy Star earrings did more than just honor a promise. It ignited a global conversation on mental health, showcased the power of community in the face of adversity, and reaffirmed the belief that, together, we can make a difference.

Through fashion, a universal language, the Princess of Wales has once again demonstrated the capacity for empathy and action to transcend boundaries, offering hope and support to those in need.

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