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The Lighter Side of Peter Weber’s Freak Accident

Who is Peter Weber?

In September 2019, the world was glad to meet their new bachelor of the latest season of The Bachelor – Peter Weber, a.k.a. Peter “the Pilot” Weber. Yes, he is actually a pilot, and he works for Delta Airlines. He first made an impression by coming in as runner up on a season of The Bachelorette with Hannah Brown who he happened to take for a spin in a plane… just because he could. When Weber heard of the news that he had been named the new “Bachelor”, he was stoked – and he was piloting a plane that same night (it sure must have taken a lot to focus that night)! He even appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the announcement where he was prompted on his feelings about Hannah and the upcoming season of The Bachelor. The build-up to the season has certainly been intense! While everyone was (and still is) keen on watching to find out who will end up with Peter at the end of the season, a twist to the plot was brewing without anyone’s knowledge!

Before we tell you what’s happened to Weber, we simply have to tell you what his motto is – Weber believes in living life with the spirit and faith that “something great is about to happen to you”. Well, he was quite wrong about that one…

A day on the greens goes bad

Unfortunately for Peter, his day out playing golf turned into a nightmare. Unsuspecting, Peter happened to walk smack straight into a golf cart while nursing two cocktail glasses in his hands. Apparently, he was trying to step into the cart, but some misguided step (likely fueled by the very contents of the cocktail glasses) sent him awry. You can imagine what ensued. As we would imagine it, he wobbled and toppled over himself and face-first onto the cocktail glasses which shattered on impact. The scene became gory pretty quickly as the glass shards ripped into Peter’s boyishly charming face. It truly was tragic, though, much as we attempt to make light of the situation. He is certainly very fortunate that he happened to land onto the glasses with his face, and not his throat!

As you can expect, after sustaining his major facial injury, he didn’t have a very good day. It didn’t help that the nearest hospital for him to receive medical attention was a whopping two hours away. Peter ended up getting a staggering 22 stitches across his face. The surgeon who was to treat him was situated in San Jose. While Peter is pulling through the ordeal (of course, he hasn’t really got a choice), it will be a long time before he heals completely.

Seriously speaking though, Peter is being a champ about the entire accident. He has even made a speedy return to the film production of The Bachelor, according to a statement given to The Hollywood Reporter. The freak accident is certainly alarming — it really is something that could have happened to anybody. He really is lucky as it could have been much worse (he could have lost an eye – or two!).

His fans are rooting for his speedy recovery. Of course, not even a gash across his face can diminish his charm and dapper looks. In fact, we’re of the opinion that the ladies like themselves a bit of a bad boy. Hey, if he can get away with it, he could probably pass it off as a scar from a bar brawl.

On the other side of the globe…

Meanwhile, as he was face-planted in cocktail glasses, the remaining contestants from this season of The Bachelor were en route to Costa Rica to join him. At least he survived – he has a rather interesting story to tell his grandchildren one day. We do wonder whether he’ll be all that fond of golf any longer, though.

On the other hand, we have a sneaking suspicion that this freak accident may have its upsides – for The Bachelor that is. We bet the number of viewers tuning into the show will be skyrocketing after all this publicity! Oh boy, it’s a good thing that Peter is good-spirited about it and that he’s powering through with positivity on the whole thing – it may just make for an excellent show this season. All is not lost!

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