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A Brief History of Taylor Swift’s Journey to Worldwide Success!

The country crooner took a big leap and debuted at the age of 16. Her heart-wrenching songs captivated millions of fans worldwide, and she soon proved that she’s more than a country singer. In 2008, she released her second album Fearless which became the most awarded album in the history of the music, and Swift became the youngest artist ever to be honored with the best-selling album of 2009. With every passing year, she started proving that there’s more to her than meets the eye. She started getting mature as she left behind her teenage years, and it showed both in her outer appearance as well as her songs. Her genre of choice was country-pop, and her own life played a big role in her music.

With Speak Now and Red, she has announced to the world that she is here to stay. These two albums were the fifth and third biggest albums in the history of music for a female artist. In 2014, Taylor released 1989 which saw the end of her country music fusion and embraced pop. She kept breaking records with her amazing album. In 2017 came Reputation – a dark, edgy album with dark, edgy dance numbers like “Look What You Made Me Do”. Sweet innocent-looking Taylor was gone, and we saw her grow into a gorgeous, fierce woman.

And now, she is about to release her album ME. With all the pastel colors adorning the teasers and the track itself, it is clear that Swift is ready to have some fun with this newest release of hers. With that, she is also making it clear that she is accepting her true self and individualism, and that same message is reflected in her latest track for her fans to not only enjoy but learn from, too.

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