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The Five Life Skills Your Child Must Know Before They Are 13!

All children are special. It is wrong to expect each of them to be similar or have the same kind of interests. Thankfully, the world is a better place for kids now, and parents have started accepting their kids as they are. Pushing them to do well in studies, comparing them with other kids, or forcing them to take up a course just because it has more job prospects are not considered to be cool parenting these days. At the same time, kids today have more access to various gadgets and of course, the internet. There is an information overload out there, and kids today have a very different upbringing than they used to have 30 years back. But many couples do not understand if they are doing well as parents, so here are some tips that might help. We have listed the five most important life skills that your kids need to know before they turn 13.

Doing The Laundry

It is true that washing clothes with their hands might be a tad tough for 12 and 13-year-olds, but you can surely show them how to use the washing machine. Putting the clothes in the machine, adding the detergent, and choosing the right cycle and medium, these steps should be easy to learn. Encourage your kids to do it with you every week, and once they have learned it all, ask them to do it without your help. Give them some incentive for doing chores, like an extra hour at the playground. But no potato chips, chocolates, or extra phone privileges!

Washing Their Own Hair

Your kids are entering their teenage years. From now on, they might have their own set of rules regarding fashion and beauty, and you need to respect that, too. Many parents help their kids to wash their hair until they are quite old. But by the age of 13, they must learn to take proper care of their bodies and that includes washing their hair. Personal hygiene habits like brushing their teeth twice a day, washing hands after using the toilet, and keeping your body, especially your private parts, clean are some other good habits your kids must know by this age.

Tying Their Shoe Laces

A recent study showed that kids in the age group of 5 to 7 can operate smartphones smoothly but can’t tie their shoelaces. Parents keep thinking that they will learn to do it as they grow up, so they keep doing it for them. However, you have to ensure that your child knows how to do it before they become teenagers. Experts believe learning to tie shoelaces helps them follow directions, take decisions, and plan properly. These are just a few skills that will help them sail through those turbulent teenage years better!

Fixing A Breakfast Meal And Eating Distraction-Free

If your teenage child is still dependent on you for every single meal or snack, then it is not a good sign. By the time they have crossed the threshold and entered their teenage years, they should be self-sufficient enough to be comfortable in the kitchen. Even if they are not cooking with fire, they should still be able to fix themselves breakfast – think cereal and milk, toast and breakfast sandwiches – doable right? Also, by this time, kids should be able to understand the importance of having healthy and nutritious food. Hence, they should be able to eat without any distractions as well. It goes without saying that this is one of the most important life skills, and it will help your child to survive in any situation.

Reading Maps And Directions

This is another life skill that is much needed for survival. Learning to read directions and reaching from point A to point B is essential. However, your child can get a lot of practice if you ask them to give you directions whenever you go on a trip or drive along with them across town. Also, make sure that they are aware of the basic directions _ north, south, east, and west. When you are on the road, try to explain to them all the road rules and why it is important to stick to them. This should start much earlier. If they know from a young age what are the dos and don’ts of driving, they will be able to follow them better when they start driving themselves.

It is always important to remember that kids learn best by watching their parents. Hence, once you are a parent, you need to watch out for your own actions. Doing the right things not just for yourself but for your kids as well is important. Kids these days get all the comfort money can buy and their parents always want the best for them. There is nothing wrong with it but they need to realize that parents won’t always be around to keep them safe. Hence, kids need to be fit to survive on their own.


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