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How to Have A Happy Mind for A Happy Body

It has been proven again and again how the mind and body work in synchronization, and often the well-being of one depends on the other. Stress and bad mental health can lead to severe illnesses. On the other hand, a healthy mind and body not only keep away stress-related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol but even the most common cold! About 15 years ago, Psychosomatic Medicine came out with a research that proved how our mental health affects our physical health.

What Was The Research About?

Over 300 people were involved in this research. At first, the researchers interviewed these people thrice a week. This was necessary to understand their emotional state of mind. Each volunteer was asked to describe their feelings regarding three things: vigor, well-being, and calm for positivity; depression, anxiety, and hostility regarding negative feelings. Once the researchers were satisfied with their answers, they gave these people drops of rhinovirus which causes the common cold. After waiting for five days, the results came out. What did they find? Read on to find out!

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Our forefathers knew this long back! Laughter is indeed the best medicine. The results of the research showed that increase in positive feelings can be linked to a decrease of getting the common cold. It is no secret that a positive mental health is also linked to healthy lifestyle choices and a better attitude. Happy and content people were also found to suffer less, and even when they fall ill, they recover faster. Though a negative mindset cannot be directly linked to getting ill, negative people tend to interpret ambiguous sensations in the body negatively. Also, when they do fall ill, they complain more and stay ill for a longer time. Attitude is the key here.

Why Does A Happy Mind Keep The Body Healthy?

To make it very easy, when the brain is happy, it sends messages to all the other organs as well. Naturally, all body organs function perfectly well. It acts like a drug that works on the organs, the nervous system, and the hormones.The state of our minds can often help the body feel much better, and have better immunity to help fight external diseases. So, now you know that staying happy is more important than scheduling monthly visits with your family physician.

Tips to Stay Happy and Positive Every Day

The first step toward a happier you is to take care of your health. A healthy lifestyle is not just having nutritious food. It also means having some kind of physical activity in your daily routine, sleeping for seven to eight hours at least, and spending enough time with your family and friends. This will ensure a sound mind and body. A healthy body is bound to attract positive energy. When it comes to negative thoughts, it is all about the choice you are making. Did you know that about 60,000 thoughts flash in our minds on a daily basis? So, it is up to you to choose the happier ones and eliminate the negative thoughts. Spending time with family is not enough. Research shows that hugging your close ones is extremely important as well.

Add A Hobby/Interest To Your Daily Routine

Keeping your brain healthy and happy is important not only to keep away the common cold but even deadly diseases like Pneumonia or even cancer. It is not as difficult as it might sound, though. Just add a hobby to your daily routine and keep at it. Read a book, explore some D.I.Y. crafts to brighten up your home, play a musical instrument, take cooking lessons, or whatever floats your boat — the possibilities are endless. Hobbies keep away stress, and, thus, help your brain function better. It also helps interact with more people and make yourself interesting to others.

Remember, a healthy mind and body is the biggest asset one can ever have. Leading life in the fast lane, indulging in fast food, or staying up late at night very often might be fun for a while. But the consequences will stay with you for the rest of your life. Be kind to your body and mind, and do what is best for yourself.

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