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What Really Happens When You Get Your Back Cracked to a Chiropractor

Ever had annoying back aches that wouldn’t go away with a simple stretch or massage? Have you heard of people having their back’s “cracked” and saying it was one of the best things they have ever felt? Well, going to a chiropractor may be just for you! We’re here to tell you what goes down during a chiropractic session so you know what to expect if you ever decide to pay a visit to your nearest chiropractor.

How a Typical Session with a Chiropractor Looks like

What is a Chiropractor?

We hope you did not think that the whole fuss about having your back cracked was all about making you feel good. Technically, yes, you’d really feel good after the cracking, but, there is more to it than just that. A chiropractor is there to help you with problems related to your spine or any other part of the musculoskeletal system.

What they do is to basically adjust your joints that are stuck aka subluxations, the joints that can make you feel stiff and locked.

If you leave these problems untreated, then further, worst issues may come to your way. A teenager in the US recently had a story that went viral. He was not able to stand up straight for months after suffering a freak accident. Thanks to a chiropractor, his life was changed.

A Typical Chiropractic Session

You should not be scared to go to a chiropractor because it’s not that bad as it sounds or looks. Some may say that it’s scary to hear your bones crack but that’s just because they haven’t tried it yet. To start off the 45-minute to an hour-long session, you are given a questionnaire that will ask you about your medical history and the signs you’re experiencing.

Chiropractors usually explain to you everything you need to know before doing the necessary adjustments

A chiropractor will ask you about your concerns and make you point out where you feel the pain or discomfort.  They will then conduct different tests that tackle motion and reflexes. Palpation, as well as orthopedic and neurological tests, help the chiropractor to further understand your discomforts. After all these tests, your chiropractor will explain to you his/her conclusions and what are the necessary adjustments that have to be done.

The Cracking Begins

The most satisfying and comforting part of the session is the adjustments. Some people go to a chiropractor even if they don’t have serious back or neck problems only because they are seeking that unexplained feeling of relief seconds after the cracking has been done. Your chiropractor’s main goal is to improve your structural alignment and joint function.

A man getting a joint in his knee adjusted by a chiropractor

Even if they say that they are “cracking” your back, the truth is that no actual bones are really being cracked. The sound you hear during the adjustments are the gas in your joints which is being released. In more technical terms, it’s called Cavitation. The release of this gas is what later soothes your discomfort and improves different conditions.

For more severe cases of stuck joints, one session won’t be enough for it will take weeks to months in order to achieve the desired success. One guy once obtained several vertebrates that were torn and was told to stop cycling.  He later tried visiting a chiropractor and it came to his surprise that it was all he needed to be able to get back on a bike. This is a case that clearly shows how much you should not lose hope even in the most mournful circumstances.

Most people are often shocked with how much better they feel after visiting a chiropractor. Since it is a delicate process , make sure you go to a trustworthy and licensed chiropractor. Such sessions also do not come cheap but believe us when we say that you are putting your money to a good use. Visiting sketchy or cheap chiropractors might just make your problems even worse.

Does cracking your back sounds like something you would want to try?

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