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Ditch the Sugar and Caffeine! Treat Yourself To These Eight Ways to Boost Your Energy

It’s only natural for even the best of us to feel the punch of exhaustion creeping in as the day wears on. You feel the tug at your lids, you battle to concentrate, and your productivity drops. It’s a bad habit that most of us have to turn to candy bars or caffeinated drinks for a bit of a lift to keep us chugging through. However, sugar and caffeine are short-term fixes which often leave you even more tired for a while after you’ve had it. So, in the name of lasting solutions, here are eight ways you can fight fatigue and enjoy an energy boost at any time of the day!

Eat Breakfast

There’s a reason that people who enjoy a hearty breakfast don’t often complain about fatigue. It’s true that this is perhaps the most important meal of the day, firing your engines with fuel to kickstart your day on the right note. However, quality counts, so ditch the refined foods and enjoy quality high-fiber, low GI breakfasts for the biggest energy boost throughout the day.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is associated with a general boost in energy, but if you find your energy waning, you can easily do a pose or two just to freshen up. The increase in blood flow and the breathing techniques, when done properly, offer immense benefits – an energy boost being one of them!

Sing A Song

Sometimes, it can be stress that’s actually fatiguing you and not necessarily exhaustion. In this case, lifting your spirits would do you plenty of good! Try singing your favorite song which can put you on an emotional high that you can ride on for a bit to allow your cortisol levels to reduce. Of course, this won’t be effective if you work in an office or an environment where there are others around you who won’t appreciate your vocals!

Drink Water

When you’re dehydrated, you can easily feel sluggish. While you don’t necessarily have to stick to the eight-glasses-a-day rule hard and fast, it is best that you don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated which means drink enough water that you don’t wind up thirsty. Small sips stretched across the day will do you better than chugging large amounts at once! Cool water can also freshen you up if you really are just plain tired.

Snack on Nuts

A small handful of either peanuts or almonds is all you need for a great boost in energy. These nuts are especially high in magnesium and folic acid which are both essential nutrients for cell production and boosting energy. When your system is lacking in these minerals, it can easily go awry!

Get A Whiff of Cinnamon Sticks

This aromatic spice is easy to carry around as it is simply the bark of a tree — it is dry and hard so it won’t crumble in your handbag! The scent of cinnamon has been proven to reduce fatigue and even works to help you be more alert. Cinnamon is refreshing, either by chewing on the stick, steeping it in water to have as a tea, or even sprinkling over your snack. It has a host of other benefits, too!


There’s nothing like old-fashioned exercise to get your blood flowing so that vitamins and oxygen can surge through every part of your body. A regular workout will have your energy levels higher than usual for most of the day. There’s no excuse not to squeeze in a workout at any time in your day because even ten minutes is enough for you to enjoy the benefits!

Soak Up the Sun

If you’re finding it hard to assimilate any information, you could do yourself some good with a short walk outside in the sunshine. It’s been shown that some exposure to sunshine can uplift your mood and improve your self-esteem. If it’s difficult for you to actually take a walk outside, then open up the shades and let the sunlight flow into the room and warm your mood right up!

No need for that stash of sweets and chocolate bars or energy drinks if that’s what you rely on to keep yourself focused late in the day! Keep yourself on top form with these healthier alternatives and enjoy some extra benefits along with them. There’s nothing like feeling great, and relying on natural means to do it will leave lasting relief!

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