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Seven Alternative Effective and Inexpensive Treatments For Common Ailments

sick ill pill medicine treatmentFor people who are suffering from an illness that doctors seem not to understand, alternative medicine treatments may be offered to provide relief to the patients. Homeopathy, acupuncture, or yoga is just some of the popular alternative therapies. They are proven to be safe as they are free from chemicals usually present in prescribed drugs. Another thing is, they are a much cost-effective alternative to manufactured OTC or prescribed medications.

About forty percent of American adults are estimated to use alternative treatments to cure themselves of illnesses. Most of them attest that alternative treatments truly work. However, you shouldn’t just jump to using alternative therapies because they are inexpensive and used by many. Before you engage in any alternative treatment, be sure it is being performed in high standards and won’t pose any threat to your body. You can also consult your doctor about what treatments are right for your body.

Here are some of the most popular alternative treatments:


homeopathy natural medicine alternative treatment

This one is still debatable, whether it is genuinely useful up to this day. Originating in Germany, this alternative treatment, you take a small amount of substance which makes you ill to cure your disease. Homeopathy was proven to be effective in treating asthma, allergies, vertigo, and diarrhea. However, researches are still not convinced of its effectiveness.


Scientists still do not know how it works, but it is popular in treating dental pain, childbirth, headaches, pain management, and stress relief. It is the process of guiding the patient to his subconscious to overcome his illness. It helps patients lose weight, treat insomnia, and even stop smoking. Hypnosis comes in two forms; you either perform self-hypnosis or have an experienced professional hypnotize you.


Stretching and relaxing your muscles improves the blood circulation and the flexibility of the body. There are many benefits to yoga which include:

  1. Depression and stress reduction
  2. High blood pressure control
  3. Diabetes prevention
  4. Back pain relief
  5. Healthy body
  6. Inflammation reduction

Yoga is inexpensive but may pose a few risks, so it’s essential to consult your doctor first if it’s a safe alternative treatment for you, and what type of yoga class you should be attending.


This is used for stroke victims, for people who suffer from stress and anxiety and cancer patients. Guided imagery improves mind and body coordination. The brain activities are being observed after the treatment in order to determine any response from the patient. This treatment helps stroke patients to learn essential functions again. It poses no risk at the patient and can be used in a wide audience.


ayurveda alternative treatment medicine homeopathy natural

This is popular among people in India. They believe that Ayurveda avoids illnesses for thousands of years to come. It focuses on life energy or healthy prana. There is no scientific evidence of this treatment, but practitioners believe it enhances focus and memory.


Therapists use massage to ease tension and pain in the muscles. It is proven that massage reduces the pain of cancer and HIV patients. For athletes, massage eases the soreness of the flesh, enhances performance, and speeds up the recovery. However, you should ask your doctor if massage is safe and effective to part of your treatment.


Meditation is an ancient practice that is still in practice. Patients are guided to focus and breathe slowly and then clear out their mind from all distractions. It is done to relieve you of stress, and its advantage is you can do it anytime and anywhere. Studies show that meditation lessens your risk of high blood pressure, pain, and asthma.

Although many have sworn that these alternative treatments work, it’s essential to do your research first and consult a medical doctor’s advice on whether or not you should try them. Yes, it’s good to be free from chemicals brought by manufactured medicines, but make sure that you are not sacrificing your health in the process. Alternative treatments are great but remember they are called “alternative,” so you need to make sure you seek the proper treatment you need for your condition before trying any of these treatments out. Once you have your doctor’s go ahead, start practicing these religiously to start feeling better.

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