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How to Naturally Beat the Bloat!

Bloating is a very common but very uncomfortable occurrence. What with so many strange and synthetic ingredients entering products of today’s market, there is no surprise that bloating is growing more and more common as time goes by. Fortunately, there are some simple and effective lifestyle changes that can be made to treat bloating and alleviate discomfort.

Bloating is essentially gas build up in your stomach or intestines and it can actually reach the point where it becomes painful. Bloating that occurs immediately following a meal often resolves itself in a short space of time, but there are ways to speed up the process naturally.

Pinpoint the Cause

Many digestive issues lead to the occurrence of bloating. It can be a sign of stool being backed up in the bowl, or it can be a sign of digestive problems like colon issues or food intolerances. Keeping a diary with a record of what you eat with times of meals and times of bloating can help you determine whether the bloating is called by eating in general or by specific foods more than others. Pay careful attention to the time of the month in females as well, because the hormonal changes that occur during different times of the cycle can often lead to instances of bloating.

Take a Walk

The easiest and perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways of finding relief from boating is by going for a brief stroll. Light physical activity can help the movement of the bowels and this releases excess gas as well as backed-up stool. Constipation requires gentle movement of the bowels to help to get things going, and a brisk walk can help enormously.


Certain yoga poses can help to position abdominal muscles in such a way that excess gas is encouraged to be released from the gastrointestinal tract. Of course, the release of gas means a reduction in the bloating. Some of the best poses to alleviate bloating are child’s pose, squats and Happy Baby poses.


Peppermint is known to be a very effective natural remedy for bloating. Using peppermint is safe and easy, and the treatment comes in many forms. Concentrated peppermint drops that are applied to the tongue are one form, peppermint capsules, peppermint tea, and even peppermint syrups are all effective remedies to bloating. If you have a fresh peppermint plant growing in your garden, a handful of leaves washed and steeped in water will yield a fresh and delicious tea to treat the discomfort of bloating. However, if you are prone to heartburn, it may be a better idea to avoid peppermint based remedies.


A gentle massage of the abdomen can aid bowel movement if performed properly. Simply follow the path of the large intestine when performing the massage and you will find the massage especially helpful. Beginning above the right hip bone, massage in a circular motion with light pressure towards the right ribcage. Rub across the stomach to the left of the ribcage. Move slowly down to the left hip bone. Repeat. Discontinue any massage that causes pain.

Essential Oils

In 2016, studies showed that fennel and curcumin resulted in effective relief of bloating after use for 30 days. Less abdominal pain was reported. However, it is worth noting that although essential oils are essentially natural, it is still best to consult with your doctor before using anything on your own – especially if you are pregnant or lactating. There is no regulation with essential oil dosages and the oils are highly concentrated and powerful. Certain formulations even have the potential to interfere with medication you may be taking.

A Warm Bath

By far our favorite solution to the discomfort of bloating is a warm bath. This treatment is relaxing and soothing and can help you feel better in more ways than just your bloated tummy! The warmer you can stand your water, the better the relief you will experience from your abdominal pressure. In fact, with you being more relaxed, your gastrointestinal tract is likely to function better and reduce instances of bloating.

So, after discusses short term solutions, it is worth noting that increasing your intake of fiber will assist in the prevention of bloating. Introduce more fiber to your diet slowly and enjoy the benefits of regular and comfortable digestive movement. Instead of fizzy drinks, sip on water. The bubbles in fizzy drinks lead to a bloated belly. Increase your activity levels by introducing 20 minutes of exercise to your routine. Choose regular eating intervals and don’t allow yourself to go for extended periods of time without food, followed by a heavy meal, as this leads to terrible, painful bloating. However, before you do anything, follow the guidelines of the first tip, and rule out any medical issues that may be causing your bloating. If you’re in the clear, then you can hop right into making these changes in your life and diet today!

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