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Natural Sunscreens Alternatives that As Effective as the Products On SuperMarket Shelves If Not More!

‘Slather some sunscreen, you are going out in the sun!’ Well, that’s one common refrain you have been hearing right from your childhood days. A generous slathering of sunscreen on ourselves can keep our skin healthy keeping potential health hazards at bay, such as skin cancer.

The thing is there are many components of sunscreen that may encourage cancer growth. The sun is still a great source of vitamin D we have and should get as much of it as possible without slathering on a lot of chemicals on our body.

We need more of this vitamin D and we can get that with at least twenty minutes of exposure a day. However, if you are worried about getting burnt and your skin burns bright red, here’s what you need to do and find a natural way to get rid of the angry red marks because of sun exposure.

Shea butter


Shea butter is great for your skin and with its soothing aroma, it is the perfect sunscreen for your skin.

Shea butter has an SPF of over 45. They are easily available too in the market and can be an effective remedy against the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Essential oil and Vitamin E


Essential oils boast a plethora of health benefits. No wonder it is so popular among people looking for natural treatment options. When you mix it with Vitamin E, essential oils work as a great effective sunscreen. Combine beeswax, oil of raspberry seeds, and shea better to make the natural, free of nasties sunscreen.

When the combination of these ingredients begins to melt, you add non-nano zinc oxide to it. And with Vitamin E oil in the mixture allow the mixture to settle. This mixture has an SPF of around 30.

Tea leaves

Tea leaves aren’t just great for your health but are a wonderful natural sunscreen.

Brew your cup with tea leaves, just steep 2 tbsp of tea leaves in a 1/2 cup of water. Let the leaves strain in the mixture properly and use it as your DIY sunscreen solution.

However, do not throw away the leftover water as this is the perfect solution against the scorching summer sun. Make a batch and store it in the bottle and store it in a cool and dry place. Use it whenever you’re stepping out in the sun.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has the power to block about 20% of the sun’s rays. Well, that means you can be out in the sun 20% longer except that you won’t get sunburns. That does not mean you can get out and stay out for long hours.   You are more likely to tan if you keep the oil for that much longer.

It also is a great moisturizer for the skin, reduces inflammation, and smoothens out blemishes. Coconut oil also fights inflammation from the inside and helps in the ingestion of vitamin D.

 Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is another great natural remedy that is great for your skin, hair, and body. Aloe vera juice may benefit the skin in numerous ways. It is the natural sunscreen that you may be looking for.

Combine aloe vera juice with avocado oil, carrot seed oil, and myrrh essential oil. Blend and pour into a sprayer bottle. Not only is it a great sunscreen, but it is cooling and gentle for your screen.

Almond oil and olive oil

We know almond oil is good for your hair, however, it is great for your skin too. Also, olive oil, the cold-pressed variety is great for your hair, and it a is healthy cooking oil too.

It is great for your skin and your hair is because of the Vitamin E content. Blend a mixture of almond oil, olive oil, coconut water, and beeswax in a glass jar and place the mixture in hot water. Don’t forget to add zinc oxide to the mixture and stir like crazy till you get a smooth mixture. This is one of the most potent mixtures you can get to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays.

If you get these natural ingredients at hand, just blend it well, and you have a sunscreen that is more potent than the ones you get lying on the supermarket shelves screaming of a lot of benefits but containing a lot of chemicals that may turn out to be harmful to you in the long run. So, stick to the natural homemade sunscreens and you will be good to go.


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