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Home Remedies You Can Try If You Have Vertigo

Vertigo is a sensation when you feel dizzy and fear that your body is going lose its balance, though that’s not the case. Vertigo is not a disease, but a symptom that displays an underlying condition that can be owing to several things. Some types of this particular sensation can happen once, while some types will keep coming back till the time the underlying condition is detected. BPPV or benign positional paroxysmal vertigo is the most common type. Deposits in your inner ear can have an impact on your sense of balance and that causes BPPV. The other conditions that lead to vertigo are stroke, neck or head injuries, vestibular neuritis, as well as Meniere’s disease. In case you are experiencing vertigo at home, you can try out the following home remedies to cure it.

Proper Sleep

Not getting an adequate amount of sleep can trigger the sensation of vertigo. In case it’s the first time you are experiencing vertigo, it might be owing to sleep deprivation and stress. If you put everything aside and opt for a short nap, the sensation of vertigo might be done away with. Try it out and you might feel better.

Stress Management

Stress is one of the most common reasons why you experience vertigo. If you develop strategies that would help you to either stay away from stressful circumstances or cope with them, you can experience lesser symptoms of vertigo. Start meditation and also practice some deep-breathing techniques which can alleviate stress. Long-term stress can be very difficult to ward off and it can be an uphill task for you to cut off the things from your life that are causing stress. If you are aware of the reasons that are putting you under stress, you might find it easy to find a solution for your vertigo problems.


Not drinking adequate water or consuming more sodium lead to dehydration. Simple dehydration can be the reason why you experience vertigo. The most effective way will be to hydrate your body and cut down on your sodium intake. Humid conditions that cause you to sweat deprives your body of extra fluids. Therefore, keeping a track of your water intake under such conditions is a must. Whenever you are feeling dehydrated, drink as much water as you can to replenish your body. If you are aware of the exact amount of water you are consuming, coping with vertigo can be easy.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol makes you feel dizzy. The Vestibular Disorders Association states that alcohol has the habit of altering the fluid composition in your inner ear. Alcohol leads to dehydration as well. Even when you are sober, these things can have a detrimental impact on your body’s balance. If you want the symptoms of vertigo to go away, decrease your alcohol consumption as much as possible. Cutting out alcohol completely is a better thing to do.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Not only do yoga and tai chi make you more flexible and improve the overall balance of your body, but they also help you fight stress. You don’t need to opt for complicated yoga poses. Go for simple ones like Corpse Pose and Child’s Pose whenever you are having a dizzy sensation. Try to refrain from engaging in anything that needs you to bend forward all of a sudden. That might make the sensation stronger temporarily.

Vitamin D

Do you think that a lack of something in your daily diet can be the reason why you are experiencing vertigo? Well, you are probably right. According to a study, the lack of Vitamin D in your diet can be a vital factor why people having benign positional paroxysmal vertigo can go through worse symptoms. You can opt for a glass of orange juice or milk, egg yolks, or canned tuna can be great sources of Vitamin D. Ask your doctor to check whether your body is getting an optimum amount of Vitamin D. You can then verify if you need more Vitamin D in your daily diet. Sometimes, a Vitamin D supplement can be a great option.

Keep in mind that vertigo is a symptom and not a disease. Practicing homemade remedies might be a short-term solution to cure the sensation of vertigo. If you experience vertigo constantly, you must find out the reasons that are causing so.

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