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Here’s How You Can Treat Pink Eye At Home

The chances are that most pink eye issues will recover by itself in a day or two. To speed up the process, start using antibiotic eye drops or an ointment within 24hours of the bacterial infection. But, you cannot rule out extreme viral conjunctivitis cases. And falling back upon a routine prescription treatment might not be fruitful.

Optometrist Dr. Shira Kresch, who works at Columbia University Medical Center, has highlighted that here’s’ no fixed medicine for cold. It’s quite the same for conjunctivitis. However, experts recommend some home remedies that would do wonders while the condition persists, irrespective of its cause.

Take Rest

When easing out flu symptoms or that of cold, you practice some self-care measures. Similarly, conjunctivitis energizes the body’s immune system. As ophthalmologist Dr. Hau said, strengthening one’s immunity helps fight off infections faster. Resort to a good diet, de-stress yourself, consume a lot of water, and definitely, take rest. Besides, it is best to stay at home to avoid contact with others and do not increase risks further.

Keep Your Contact Lens Away

Till the symptoms reduce, Dr. Hau says that wearing contact lens will is a strict no-no. Re-infection can occur from irritation. It’s advisable to replace the pair totally at the time of developing symptoms of a pink eye.

This includes the case as well as the solution bottle. If you’re into heavy eye-makeup, the least you can do to protect your eyes at this time is to stay away from them, and definitely for reasons known.

Keep Some Warm Washcloths Handy

Aside from the thermometer, why not take relief using some other natural modes of treatment? There’s a sticky, somewhat thick discharge that flows from the eye in few pink eye cases.

This causes the lashes and lids to stick together – especially when you wake up. Keep a couple of warm washcloths handy to help remove the mucus, and the lids can move freely.

Invest In Disinfectant Wipes

Having a small or large container of disinfectant wipes (Lysol or Clorox, for example) to treat the viral or bacterial conjunctivitis is a good measure to counter the problem. MD and Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Gene Kim, who works with McGovern Medical School in Houston, stressed cleaning the house more often.

Un-cleanliness indeed proves detrimental. Even when people start recovering, they end up re-infecting themselves because of their unclean surroundings. Maintaining cleanliness is the only way out. Hence, disinfecting hard surfaces with these wipes and then washing sheets, pillows, and towels would help. Anything that’s in contact with your face must be made squeaky clean. You’ll not only feel relieved at the thought of staying fresh yourself but also prevent others from falling in the same trap.

Stock Up On OTC Anti-Inflammatory Medicines

If you’re lucky, your pink eye might not be painful. But if you’re down with pain, make haste and rush to get your eyes examined by your doctor. Sometimes, you might own few medications; but do not act as per your whims. When you’re under the care of your doctor, or maybe the mild discomfort persists- keep some over-the-counter relievers like ibuprofen handy.

Minimize The Use Of Allergens

Just like the source of your pink eye cannot be deciphered exactly, you must delve and see if some allergy can be considered the villain! In other words, the use of an allergen might have provoked the body to develop a negative reaction towards it, and not necessarily spiked up by bacteria or viruses.

You need to remove the symptoms simply by not exposing yourself to what triggered it in the first place—like, using a new face wash or lotion or under eye cream or even perfume or some new set of sheets. Dr. Kresch says that one should eliminate all the immediate environment changes to ward off potential threats. But if you’re still not sure, visit your optometrist, and he or she might refer to an allergist to get your eyes tested.

There’s no need to fear a pink eye. Take precautions early on and follow your home remedies carefully, as it’ll boost the recovery process. Do not forget to wash your hands and follow the medication from your doctor regularly. It will ensure there’s no relapse of the infection!

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