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Five Simple and Effective Ways to Treat A Stomachache

Stomach ache is irritating and makes you feel uncomfortable. The sensation leaves you devoid of any appetite and nauseated. All of us have an experience of suffering through this. Mainly when we eat food that doesn’t agree with our stomach. Or after developing an issue with our digestive system where the stomach pain takes a toll on our life. In either of the cases, all you want is a relief and might be willing to do anything to start feeling better.

Often, you make your way to the pharmacy in your locality to lay your hands on some random medicines. However, some home remedies can relieve you from the discomfort besides address the root cause of your stomach ache. Below is a list of a few popular home remedies which you can avail of. Try them out.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Many of you might not know that apple cider vinegar is indispensable in cases of digestion issues. It helps in balancing the acid content in your stomach. Contrary to the popular belief that you have too much acid in your stomach, there isn’t enough of it. You usually believe that high acid content prevents the whole digestion process.

However, the opposite is true. You get stomach aches because you don’t have an optimum amount of acid in your stomach. So, how would you use apple cider vinegar to get rid of this discomfort? Take a cup of water and add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink the mixture at the earliest to boost the production of acid and get rid of stomach aches. You can also consume this mixture before eating. It boosts your digestion.

Breathe For 5 Minutes

If you eat under stress, it will take a toll on your digestive system. Rest and digest or flight and flight are the two stages that your body is generally in. The body is in the fight or flight phase if you are under stress due to some work-related issues.

This is a situation when digestion becomes tough, thus leading to stomach issues and stomach pain. To set your body in a condition so that digestion happens easily, take deep breaths for 5 minutes. Try to shift your entire focus on digesting the food you are having. If you follow this process before you have your meal, it will help alleviate the stomach ache.

Get an Abdominal Massage

If you are suffering from constipation and having stomach issues because of that, opt for an abdominal massage. A gentle massage can help you in getting rid of the blockage that can be the reason for your stomach ache. Massage your abdomen lightly using both your forefinger and middle finger. Move them in a clockwise direction.

This would stimulate the contraction of your abdominal muscles and help move your food forward that might have stuck in your intestines. The blocking of the intestine can happen to owe to overeating, dehydration, not chewing your food properly, or shortage of enzymes. You must cross the potential hurdles to digestion. However, abdominal massages are quite helpful in taking you out of the pain.

Hydrate Yourself

Many a time, you experience stomach aches just because you are not drinking enough water and therefore, suffering from dehydration. Dehydration would often lead you to go through constipation as well as muscle cramps in the intestine. Water hydrates the colon and boosts elimination.

It is a major nutrient which benefits the bacteria present in the small intestine. Aside from that, it helps in nutrient absorption and important for mucosal lining. In case you have less water then you should, acid reflux and constipation are the cases you are likely to suffer from. Drink around ten to twelve glasses of water every day to boost your digestive process.

While a lot of problems can cause stomach age, you do have some easy yet effective home remedies at your fingertips. In addition to that, try to identify which type of foods are causing a stomach ache. Start reducing their consumption or obliterate them from your diet. These foods and tips can not just relieve stomach pain, and it can also foster digestion. So, get on board and try out these simple remedies to cure that stomach ache!

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