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Five Reasons You Must Take That Icy Cold Shower, Like Right Now!

Imagine, taking an icy cold shower every single day? We know you can’t imagine. Just thinking about it can give you make you shiver uncontrollably! And why take a hot shower when a warm shower can make you feel comfortable and relaxed, right? Well, studies suggest that cold showers are more beneficial to the body than you would like to believe.

Research suggests that showering in cold water to build health dates back to the first century BC. Despite them inventing heating systems in the first century BC, the Greeks continued to bathe in icy cold water for its varied benefits. Well, if they can do it, you can do it too. So, what are the benefits of a cold shower? Read on to find out!

Reduces Body Fat

Doesn’t this sound interesting? There’s a reason behind this, and we can tell you how it works. Cold showers increase the body’s brown fat, that’s the fat that is good for your body and burns more calories as it generates heat. When cold water hits your body, it tries to keep you warm and starts burning more calories, and that way, you lose all the white fat and build brown fat. So, that’s how you will start losing the fat on your waist, lower back, neck, and thighs.

One of the easy ways of increasing brown fat in your body is to take extremely cold water. This can be your secret tool to lose weight. Scandinavian research proves that if you expose your body to freezing temperatures, it increases your brown fat by fifteen folds! And at that rate, you may drop almost nine pounds in a year by just taking cold showers every day!

Reduces Muscle Soreness

Did you know that a lot of athletes indulge in an ice bath after a rigorous workout? Yes, an ice bath and not just a cold shower. They fill up a tub with ice cubes and soak themselves in it. Research suggests that it heals sore muscles and helps them hit the track the next day without feeling sore. While that’s not possible for most of us, we could at least try a cold water shower after a day at the gym. This will help you stay in shape and less sore after a healthy workout!

 Enhances Mood

There’s nothing like lying in your bed and doing nothing. But that gets us nowhere in life. However, some days nothing seems to lift our spirits and get us going. If this feels all too real to you, here’s how you could pep up your mood. Instead of running yourself a hot bath or shower, soak yourself in some cold water.

Studies suggest that it instantly lifts your mood and helps you feel ready to get to work. It works because when the first hit of the cold droplets hits your body, it increases the oxygen intake, your heart rate, and blood rush all over the body. And that, gives you the much-needed energy to take on life!

Boosts Immunity

Besides boosting your metabolism, cold showers also boost immunity. And that means, a cold shower a day, keeps the doctor away! That’s because the ice-cold water increases the white blood cells in your body and increases your body’s ability to fight diseases. It can also amp up your blood circulation, help avoid diseases such as hypertension, and even control arteries’ hardening.

Boosts Skin and Hair Health

Are you battling with a case of bad acne? Well, cold showers are just what the doctor ordered. While hot water may, dry out the skin, cold water may shrink your pores, and stop your pores from getting blocked. Coldwater can also give you more voluminous and shinier hair. It may also close the hair cuticles and stop extra dirt from accumulating in your hair.

Exercise Caution!

But, it may not be suitable for everyone. If you are suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, it is best not to indulge in cold showers as your blood vessels’ sudden contraction may cause a stroke. Your blood vessels may start expanding to release heat, and the cold water, instead of dilating the blood vessels, may cause them to constrict. Cold showers are also popular as the ‘James Bond‘ shower. That’s right, the popular fictional intelligence officer’s health hack is taking the quintessential ice-cold shower. You can start with hot water, and when you are ready to give your body the final rinse with an extra dose of a cold shower! While Bond may use to mull over his former glories or a job well done, you may do it to stay fit and healthy.

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