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Five Home Remedies For Bronchitis That Actually Work

Bronchitis is one of the most deadly ailments. It is actually a bronchial tube inflammation which can cause severe breathing problems. If the reports of the US National Library of Medicine and several incidents are taken into account, bronchitis is the main reason why people suffering from it experience coughing with mucous and have shortness of breath. Bronchitis can be mainly of two kinds – chronic or acute. While smoking can be considered as the primary reason for chronic bronchitis, acute bronchitis can affect you through the same virus that brings around cold and flu. So how can you get relief from this? Go through the home remedies below.

Get Proper Rest

When you are waging a war against infection, your body needs time. It might be tough for you to find time amidst a hectic schedule, but do realize that you need to. It is mandatory. People, nowadays, have completely forgotten that taking proper rest holds the key to cure several acute illnesses. According to experts, you need sufficient sleep to keep your immune system in good condition. Studies regarding this, published in popular journals, revealed that people who get deprived of adequate rest are more prone to the virus that causes cold and flu than those who get to sleep almost seven hours a day. Remember, that catching a cold is the first step towards developing bronchitis.

Gulp Down Ample Water

Keeping your body adequately hydrated while you are suffering from bronchitis helps in draining out the mucus. If you are down with a fever, your body automatically gets dehydrated and hence, you need to replenish your body with fluid. While water is fine during such a situation, consuming warm liquids might prove to have more soothing effects. Refrain from having caffeinated beverages and alcohol at any cost. They can dehydrate your body. Though the doctors have been advising bronchitis patients to consume extra fluids, not much evidence has been found in support or against it. With that being said, drinking lots of water can boost your overall health and shield you from infections. This is a proven fact.

Mix Honey In Lime Water

Honey has been a tried and tested medicinal treatment since ancient times. It is popular for its anti-bacterial characteristics. However, the reason behind honey being a great soother for people suffering from bronchitis is that it gives you relief from the irritation that you experience in the mucous membranes. Aside from that, it’s a great addition to warm lemon water or tea as it lends a sweet taste. Lemon is known to be an effective expectorant. One piece of advice – avoid giving honey to infants and kids who are below 1 year of age. This can lead to botulism, a type of food poisoning. It can prove to be fatal for your baby.

Try Ginger Tea Mixed With Lemon And Honey

Certain herbs are known for their medicinal effects — they have a soothing effect on mucous membranes. Licorice root, mullein, and Prunus serotina are probably found in multiple formulations in health food stores. Bromelain, an enzyme that’s extracted from pineapple, is known to be quite effective in alleviating inflammation. Ginger root, which acts as an expectorant, is another good option. Boil some slices of the ginger root to extract its medicinal properties, add honey and lemon to the brew, and gulp it down. Simple.

Have Some Spicy Food Even If You Don’t Like

If you are suffering from a cough and cold or dealing with a congested bronchial passage, then spicy food is one brilliant remedy. You can say that a spicy dish serves as the best antidote. Aside from that, powerful condiments such as horseradish, wasabi, and hot mustard are excellent agents to loosen the bronchial secretions. Hot chili peppers contain capsaicin that eases congestion. You must avoid spicy stuff only if you have a food hypersensitivity or an allergy. Cayenne pepper is effective in promoting blood flow and accentuates the effectiveness of whichever treatment you through.

These are some basic home remedies that can help you get relief from bronchitis. In addition to the above-discussed ways, you can also add vitamin D to your diet, refrain from smoking, pop a throat lozenge, gulp down some hot chicken soup, and avail some similarly effective ways.

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