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Eye Strain Is a Thing of the Past If You Practice These Top Tips

Have your eyes been sore, burning, or tired? Do you struggle with vision issues, headache, sensitivity, or itching? We know what it feels like not to be able to keep your eyes open, too. Many people battle with eye strain, and it is growing more common with more usage of screens in phones, laptops, tablets, televisions, and computers. Worry not, though, because the eye experts assure us that eye strain is very common and usually nothing to be concerned about. The great news is that there are many remedies you can try out to bring you some much-needed relief. Here they are!

Soothing Eye Mask

You can quickly revive tired and strained eyes with a soothing eye mask. Take a small towel that will fit across both your eyes like a face towel. Place under cold, clean water and completely wring out. Fold it to cover your eyes. Lay down and place the folded towel over your eyes for two to seven minutes. This is a safe and easy method for eye strain relief that you can repeat as many times as you wish!

Try using tea bags or cold compresses instead of a towel. The tannins in teabags work to constrict blood vessels in the eyes to relieve puffiness and redness. Try adding lavender oil or rosewater to your compress, or massaging into your lids before applying the compress for an even more relaxing experience.

Adjust the Lighting

Take a look at your environment. Are there harsh lights that you could dim? Or perhaps you could use a desk lamp instead of the downlighting in the room. Try to avoid fluorescent bulbs or extra lights as well. The bright lights place strain on your eyes, forcing them to work harder to adjust to the light. The brightness overstimulates the eyes. It can lead to fatigue and irritability in addition to strained eyes. Make the lighting in your area more comfortable by either changing the bulbs or getting another portable light to use. Dimmer switches are best, though they can be expensive.

Adjust Your Monitor

Many people today study or work from their computers, staring at the screen for many hours in a day. Adjusting the monitor’s contrast, brightness, and color settings can go a long way in relieving eye strain as well as preventing it. Don’t sit too close to the monitor, have the brightness and contrast level to comfort your eyes.

Also, adjust the color temperature of your monitor. Choosing cool blue light may make images appear prettier, but it is a harsh tone that leads to eye fatigue. Match your monitor color temperature to your surroundings, or use a warmer temperature for it to be easier on your eyes.

Strengthen Your Eyelids

You may not have ever heard of it before, but it is possible to strengthen your eyelids! You can strengthen the muscles around your eyes by closing your eyes halfway down in a squint. Squinting can relieve eye strain when done occasionally as it temporarily reduces pupil size and helps light bend easier, making you see better. However, squinting continually is a bad habit that can result in headaches and increased eye strain, so don’t overdo it.

Practice Focusing Exercises

Focusing exercises are simple to perform, and you can do it anywhere. It is merely when you focus on objects at varying distances from the eye. For example, if you are spending long periods focused on something at close range, you can experience relief in your eyes by focussing on a very distant object for a short space of time, of say two minutes or a minute. Also, concentrating on the tip of a pen and bringing the pen closer and further away from you as you focus on its tip can bring much-needed relief from eye strain. Focusing exercises also improve your vision when done regularly.

Research has confirmed that the smallest of adjustments in lighting or even in taking more frequent (albeit short) breaks form screen usage goes a long way in reducing incidents of eye strain. However, it goes without saying that if you have tried many remedies and they have not relieved you, you should visit an optometrist or perhaps an ophthalmologist to have an eye exam. There could be a more serious issue.

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