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The Couple That Works Out Together, Stays Together: J Lo & Alex Rodriguez

It goes without saying that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are undoubtedly the hottest duo on the block. While it seems like Jennifer is aging in reverse, Alex’s sports background helps him to keep fit at all times. Their urge to stay fit probably motivates each other and their mutual admiration for each other is enough to keep them going. They are an ideal couple, who have found their perfect work-out partner in each other. Not something we get to see every day! Recently their trainer David Kirsch revealed some of their workout routines as a couple and we can’t wait to know about them.

The Work-Out Recipe For Two

What works for one might not work for all, but there is no harm in trying. Hence, here are some of their exercise routine as learned from their trainer. Their partner-based exercise starts with sit-ups with medicine balls and partner pushups of 15 reps each. Reverse crunches, planks with dumbbells, tricep extensions follow. Despite their middle age, the star couple excels in their partner exercise and Alex has gone on record to praise Jennifer, saying she is the better athlete of the two.

The couple usually goes to Madison Square Club, which happens to be Jennifer Lopez’s favorite. They also aim for full-body training. Body weight exercise and other exercises using simple equipment like a medium weight, medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX straps etc. The couple has been dating for a while and they often hang out together along with their kids, we hear their kids have become friends too. Now we are waiting for the wedding bells to ring!

Looks like working along with their men is the newest fad in Hollywood. Which also shows how it is helping them to make their bonding stronger, hence we are so not complaining!

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