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What Is Concierge Medicine And What Are The Benefits?

Nowadays, people talk a lot about how useful concierge medicine is for someone who needs better medical service and wants better access to a doctor. If you have reached old age and going through some complications regarding your health, having a concierge physician will always be beneficial. However, young and healthy people have a habit of saying that they don’t need a concierge doctor and are not interested in paying for concierge medicine. But what if they do get sick and need urgent care? What if they don’t have a traditional doctor to attend to them at that time? Concierge medicine has a lot of benefits that can encourage you to pay for it.

You Can Avail Healthcare Whenever Necessary

Most of you lead a busy life. The workload doesn’t allow you to rest for a single minute. You have to face one challenge after another and as a result, you hardly find time for yourself, let alone thinking about healthcare. So, taking some time out of your packed schedule and visiting the doctor is practically impossible. If you want to make an appointment, you will have to plan three weeks prior. Plus, the long wait in the lobby and the exam room is a problem.

When you have a concierge doctor, not only do you get efficient care, you save all the hassle that you have to go through otherwise. If you have any illness, you just need to talk to your concierge doctor over the phone, discuss your health issues with them, and get treated over the phone. If you want them at your home, there is no need to make an appointment. This way, you save a lot of time and effort. A concierge doctor is a one-stop shop for every medical requirement.

Long-term Prevention

As compared to conventional primary physicians, concierge doctors have to attend to fewer patients. Therefore, they can spend more time with you. The way concierge doctors treat patients is much different from the healthcare you get from traditional doctors. While your traditional doctor will give you more or less seven minutes in an appointment, concierge doctors will spend a minimum of 30 minutes. If needed, it can go up to two hours, or even eight hours when needed.

You have all the time in the world to openly discuss your health issues. You can also discuss your long-time objectives and what you intend to do in the next 10, 15, or 20 years. They will share some important tips about how to get lifelong health that would help you achieve your life’s goals. When it’s a concierge doctor, you will be able to chalk out a long-term plan to stay in the pink of your health.

Know the Risks

As you spend more time with your concierge doctor and discuss health issues, you get to know more about the medical history of your family. You might be quite healthy now, but that doesn’t necessarily imply that you will stay so forever. You have to be aware of any risk you might face in the future based on your family’s medical history. Also, if you have had a medical issue in the past, you need to know whether it will occur again.

The majority of the concierge medical practitioners know of more advanced health screenings and treatment in comparison to the traditional physicians. You might think you are absolutely hale and hearty, but something might crop up after you go through some special tests. When you are paying for concierge medicine, you are actually putting your money on something that will help in detecting any medical issues and preventing them from occurring again. Overall, if you compare, the cost is much less.

Every Member of Your Family Can Consult One Doctor

You might be healthy, but other members of your family maybe not. You might have kids who can fall ill pretty easily, owing to their vulnerability to germs. Whatever is the case, anyone from your family can consult your concierge doctor easily. Whether it’s rashes, allergies, flu, or anything grave, having one concierge doctor to attend saves time and your money as well. You have to call just one number. Moreover, the medical records of every member of your family will be safe in one place.

Concierge medicine is like a health insurance policy. Remember, things will not be the same all along. You never know when and how your health can deteriorate. So, don’t wait until the time you need it badly.

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