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How Can You Treat Restless Leg Syndrome Right at Home?

If you recently have been keeping up at night and fighting the irresistible urge to move your legs then you are probably suffering from restless leg syndrome. While you may have heard about various ways to treat the condition, it is important to know which are the right ways that can impact it. Any natural treatment that provides relief from restless leg syndrome needs to be tried as anything that affects your sleep, affects your health. You may be glad to know that treating restless leg syndrome is possible with a few home remedies, and you can easily control the symptoms.

Try Warm or Cold Compresses

Try heated or cooling pads that can relieve swelling stemming from injuries and other conditions. Using a warm or cold compress can be effective as it can create a new sensation for the brain to process the information, hence it reduces the uncomfortable sensation that is produced by restless leg syndrome. All you have got to do is buy an inexpensive cold or warm compress at a store, then soak the fabric in cold or warm water and place the same against your skin.

Magnesium Can Help You Relax

We always think that calcium is one of the most critical minerals for bone health. While it is true, other equally crucial minerals play a vital role in helping build optimal bone and muscle health. Here we are talking about magnesium since it is a natural muscle relaxant. However, it is important to note how much magnesium you are taking in. If you are having it as part of a multivitamin, it may not be as effective, so consider taking extra magnesium to treat your condition better.

Ensure you choose the right kind of magnesium, and take at least 200 -400 mg of magnesium a day. Start with a small dose while you increase the dose if you tolerate it well. If you see that there are no side effects of the magnesium supplement and your body adjusts well to higher doses of it, then you can have up to 100 mg or more of magnesium. Magnesium glycinate is one of the best and the most effective forms of the mineral.

Think of Counter-Stimulation

When your legs are showing signs of tingling, throbbing, or hurting, it may be difficult for the brain to concentrate on anything else. Any kind of counterstimulation, such as taking a bath or shower in the evening, can be helpful. Just rub or massage the legs to get temporary relief. Sometimes, you can get help with light stretching. Ensure you do not indulge in extra heavy-duty exercises as they may interfere with sleep.

Weighted Blankets can Reduce Anxiety and Improve Condition

A weighted blanket can offer a constant yet gentle counterstimulation to get relief from the feeling of restless legs. More often than not, a restless leg can be linked to anxiety. So, if you get relief from anxiety, you can also get help from restless leg syndrome. The next time you suffer from a bout of restless leg syndrome, then weighted blankets are your best bet.

 Eat the Right Foods and Avoid the Wrong Ones

Although we don’t know exactly why, you have to avoid foods such as tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol, making sure to stop consuming them before bedtime as it can cause bouts of restless legs. Dairy products and sugar-laden foods can disrupt your sleep and trigger restless legs.


While home remedies are useful, they may not be one of the most effective ways to treat the condition. If you have tried it all and they still don’t work for you, you may certainly seek help from a sleep expert. Indeed, restless leg syndrome isn’t a chronic debilitating condition, but in some cases, you may need to see a doctor as people suffering from this condition can certainly make you feel desperate and helpless. Sleep deprivation can also cause depression and anxiety. So, if you suffer from this condition, it is necessary to treat it right at the onset and if it continues to bother you, you can seek professional help. Tell us, do you suffer from restless syndrome and have tried these remedies? If any has worked for you, write to us in the comments section below.

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