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Avoiding Invasive Surgery for Your Chronic Back Pain? Here Are Effective Non-Surgical Options to Try Out

While back pain is a most uncomfortable and sometimes practically crippling condition, rushing into extensive, invasive surgeries and procedures may not be the way to go. You owe it to yourself to try out all the non-surgical or non-invasive treatments available before you put your body through a medical ordeal, both physically and mentally. Of course, this does not apply to all situations, as in some cases, surgery is most definitely needed. Here we explore some non-surgical treatments for chronic back pain if you may want to avoid surgery.

Physical Therapy

Chronic back pain treatment benefits greatly from exercise. Exercise happens to be the primary treatment for aches related to the back area. It is one of the first forms of treatment you should try, so don’t be surprised if it is the first that is recommended to you by your physical therapist or physician. The key here is that not everyone can perform the same exercises and achieve the desired result, as everyone’s bodies are different, as are their physical needs. Tailoring exercises to your particular physical needs and the condition of your back is essential for effective relief through exercise. The physical therapy will involve retraining posture, testing pain tolerance levels, and limits exercise to increase flexibility, stretches, core-strengthening exercise, and aerobic exercise.


Chronic back pain is physically straining, but few realize that it is also mentally straining. To correctly manage the frustration that results from back pain, the depression or irritability, or whatever negative mental feelings you may be dealing with, you may be granted a referral to a rehabilitation psychologist. A specialist who will likely recommend activities like ti chi, meditation, and yoga, including other relaxing strategies to help distract your mind from the aches and pains.


Some people greatly underestimate the influence of their diets on their inflammatory response. Diets that include a high intake of trans fats, processed foods, and refined sugars are highly inflammatory. It can significantly contribute to the pain, discomfort, or aches you experience in your back. Consult with your general practitioner to identify whether there are any contributing factors in your diet to reduce inflammation in your body.

Maintaining a healthy diet also helps to maintain a healthy weight. This, in turn, results in less strain on your back if you have less weight to carry around – in fact, less stress on all your joints and bones.


If you struggle with chronic back pain, it is essential to accept your limitations. Else you might add more strain to your muscles and further worsen the situation. However, if you make lifestyle changes keeping in mind your limitations, you might start feeling better. Listening to your body and paying careful attention is essential. That means you need to understand how your body responds to certain movements and activities you perform in everyday life. Take breaks as required, and don’t be ashamed to decrease your workload if you have to, or to avoid certain lifts or activities if you need to.

Intravenous Treatment

There are a few injections that are available to treat chronic back pain. These procedures are things like nerve blocks, nerve ablations, and epidural steroid injections, among others. This type of intravenous method is usually used if the source of your back pain is known. The methods may also help to rue out some causes if treatment doesn’t help. The injections help to reduce the pain for some time but are not the ideal long-term solution. You should not use it in isolation too.

Alternative treatments

If you would instead turn to a more natural option to treat your chronic back pain, there is an assortment of alternative treatments that may provide some relief. Acupuncture, biofeedback therapy, massage, electrical nerve stimulation, and laser therapy are some examples of non-surgical spinal therapies. These can make a significant difference to patients with chronic back pain. Discuss any options you are considering with a specialist or with your doctor.

Back pain is an uncomfortable condition and can interfere with daily life, depending on the severity of the pain. If the pain source is not known, your medical professionals will help you identify it to benefit from the best treatment. However, most of the procedures discussed here will be useful if done, right!


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