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How 54-Year-Old Sandra Bullock Maintains Her Youthful Glow

Hollywood stars are always under pressure to look great and younger than their age. While the concepts and cliches are changing these days and we are glad people are accepting stars as they are, with or without makeup, we can’t deny the importance of having good health. It is no secret that eating healthily, working out, and sleeping well will give you a healthy bod. And when you are healthy from the inside, you will feel and look good, too! That is probably the curious case of Sandra Bullock who seems to be aging in reverse. We can’t help but notice that the Oscar winner is looking amazing lately. Her Netflix movie Birdbox has been a big hit recently, and riding on the success of it, Bullock is radiating happiness and success. What’s her secret though?

Well, according to her fitness instructor, Simone De La Rue, it is her lifestyle choice, giving priority to fitness and working out for at least an hour every day for six days a week. She loves pilates, kickboxing, and weight training. She is also a fan of Simone’s Body By Simone, a technique that involves yoga, dancing, and pilates which ensures that the body gets a full workout. Turns out resistance bands and planks help her tone her muscles so that all those strapless gowns look perfect on her on the red carpet.

However, a strenuous workout itself is not enough as the star also takes care of her diet and doesn’t let those extra calories in her diet. She believes in freshly cooked food and eats in small portions throughout the day. Since the modern diet is also changing, food is more about making us happy. And hence, Bullock gets one cheat day every weak where she can eat what she likes without caring about how much calories she will be adding. Well, with these in mind, we can learn a thing or two from this Hollywood A-lister!

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