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5 Apparent Causes of Constant Shivering

Getting cold all the time and constant shivering are uncomfortable. A recent scientific study suggests that it can be a result of an underlying health problem. A lack of vitamins called hypothyroidism can be a direct cause of constant shivering. Likewise, some studies suggest that insomnia may also be the prime cause of getting cold.

Cleveland Clinic / Constant shivering can be a direct symptom of an underlying health issue.

It is normal to shiver when the weather outside is freezing cold. In contrast, if you shiver while everyone else is easy, perhaps there are some underlying issues. And it is time to investigate. From dehydration and bodily fragility to malfunctioning of the heart, constant shivering may also be a result of just being a woman.

Here are 5 apparent reasons that are causing you to shiver constantly:

  1. Being Underweight

One of the prime causes of getting a constant cold can be linked with your physique and weight. If you are below the standard body weight – around 100 to 140 lbs – you may feel discomfort with constant shivering. Again, this has nothing to do with the climate. You are shivering while everyone else is pretty toasty. Nonetheless, there are a couple of reasons that are linked with being underweight and constant shivering:

  • Lack of fats.
  • Slow and steady metabolism.
  • Inadequate body heat.
  • Lesser intake of food.

Similarly, if your constant shivering is caused by being underweight, there are other symptoms that you are likely to get exposed to. Dizziness, fragility, abnormal procrastination, and fatigue are some of the apparent ones.

Extra / Body fragility and being underweight are the direct causes of getting constant cold.

2. Lack of Vitamins AKA Hypothyroidism

“If your thyroids are malfunctioning and are not generating enough hormones. This may end up in getting constant cold,” argues a New York-based physician, Phillips Holly. This is a condition called Hypothyroidism.

According to a Gallup survey, 5% of Americans were found with hypothyroidism in 2022. A vast majority of patients of this nature were adult and pregnant women. However, there are some other apparent symptoms that come along with hypothyroidism. These include:

  • Hair loss.
  • Dryness of skin.
  • Abnormal delay in periods (in women.)
  • Body overweight.

3. Blood Circulation Deficiency

Gulf times / Malfunctionaning of the heart and smoking can be the direct causes of poor blood circulation.

Deficiency in blood circulation may also be another driving factor that gives birth to constant shivering. In this case, only the feet and hands get unexplainable cold while the rest of the body remains normal. Nonetheless, this could have one possible reason: The heart does not pump enough blood to reach the extremities of the body. As the edges of the body do not get enough blood, getting cold is the obvious result. Therefore, your hands and feet shiver.

Nonetheless, other causes of poor blood circulation may be chronic heart diseases like cardiovascular disease.

4. Water Inadequacy AKA Dehydration

Another prime cause of getting a constant cold can be not intaking enough water, i.e., dehydration. As your body organs do not get enough water, especially the extremities, they become poorly functional. Consequently, these parts get abnormal colds and keep shivering all the time.

5. Gender Issue: Just Being A Female

Meanwhile, just being a woman may also be a cause of constant shivering. This is perhaps because of the fragile nature of the body of women.

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