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Top Tips to Drive Away the Birthday Blues!

Birthdays are certainly one of the happiest occasions, or is it? Most people look forward to enjoying a day of wearing what they want, eating where they want, and having the time of their life. However, some people do not look forward to their birthdays and feel a deep sense of foreboding.

Some people start feeling, depressed, stressed, and anxious. Advancing age may be one of the reasons for feeling depressed. But that is not the only reason, that someone may feel depressed about an approaching birthday. Someone may feel sad, paranoid, anxious, lacking in self-esteem, find it difficult to concentrate, and all the other tell-tale signs. Well, if you are suffering from those birthday pangs, here’s exactly how you can fix things.

 Focus On The Good Things

Don’t let a negative feeling settle in. Instead, try to foster a feeling of happiness. Trying to get into a positive frame of mind is one place which you can start. When you begin a day on a good note, it will help you tide through the pressures of the day in a better way.

The best way to do this is to list out the things you are grateful for in your life. Cook for yourself, make a sumptuous spread for yourself, and watch something you like, say your favorite movie. Just do what you like doing best. Doing what you like best is the best way to begin your day.

Focus On Yourself

You are allowed to be selfish on your birthday. If someone prefers celebrating extravagantly, then they should try just that. If you prefer to maintain quality time with your family, you can make suitable arrangements. And if you wish to spend some time alone pampering yourself at a spa or reading a book doing absolutely nothing, there’s nothing wrong with that too.

The bottom line is identifying your preferences and needs and catering to them is the best way to spend your birthday, it can be a quiet one with your family or an exuberant one with your friends, do what you like or prefer.

Planning is Overrated

Planning a big birthday party may turn out to be stressful. It can sometimes burden you too much, and by the time your birthdate draws near, you are a nervous wreck. Too many plans pose too much additional pressure on your birthday. If birthday blues are a thing for you, try and keep things simple and sorted.

Have Realistic Expectations

Sometimes you may avoid celebrations to avoid disappointment. This is particularly true when you receive phone calls from family members with whom you may not have a great relationship. Even if you are not having a great day, try and pick the positives out of a day. You may not be having a great day, but your friends and family may be doing their best to make you feel special.

Try and thankful for the efforts they have made for you. Think how it made you feel special if you focus on the good about the day and not focus on the negative thoughts that may be clouding your mind. Sometimes we are so caught up with our worlds.

We refuse to tear ourselves away from that world. That is why it is important to focus on the good in your life and nurture gratitude. The feeling of gratitude is powerful, exploring it and practicing it every day, especially on your birthday.

Stay Busy

If the birthday blues are threatening to loom over your horizon, it may be a good idea to ignore that day. Just avoid it. It may not be as difficult as you think. Move out, visit an orphanage, or a nursing home, or a dog shelter.

Sometimes, staying away from the materialistic side of things can be a salve for your bruised feelings. Keep yourself busy. This helps you keep away from the feelings of birthday depression. Doing something for someone else can make you feel wonderful. Try it the next time an avalanche of birthday blues hits you.

Stay Optimistic

Instead of beating yourself up for the things, feeling you have not achieved what you set out to achieve, Instead, you can focus on the good things you have achieved in your life. A birthday is a great time to celebrate yourself. You are unique, you have achieved a lot in your life, and you need to set out to celebrate the real you. Own up to your true feelings and don’t make yourself do things that you may not like.

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