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Schools Reopening: Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Kids Mentally For Going Back To School

After the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is trying to get back to normal. During the peak of the pandemic, there were a lot of restrictions, and the world was under lockdown. Offices and schools were operating online to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Now that everyone is slowly crawling back to a lifestyle from the pre-pandemic era, schools are reopening too. And this means that your little one has to go back to school. But, you are bound to have an altogether different experience this time. The changes, as well as uncertainties in the aftermath of the pandemic, might make you worried about your kid. Will they be able to adjust? How can you prepare them mentally? Read on to find out!

Keep Your Cool

This is a time that can bring stress to anyone. Don’t look anxious or tense since that will have a direct impact on your kid. They don’t understand the gravity of the situation as much as you do and they look up to you for inspiration. They want to feel secured, and it’s your responsibility to make them feel so. You would never want a drop of your anxiety to spill on them. So, please do everything you can to restore their confidence. If you any doubts or have queries in your mind about what the re-opening your child’s school will be like, contact the school system.

That will give you a clear picture. The school administration has certainly carried out thorough research and knows the ins and outs of the situation better than you. The authorities will surely be able to answer almost all the questions that you might have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. If you are still doubtful about your child’s learning this season, go through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites and The American Academy of Pediatrics for guidance.

Tell Your Child A Story

Your child might find it confusing to understand everything that is going around them. And they might want to know why they were homeschooled for over a year and why they need to go back to school now. Try to put the details into a concise narrative or weave them into a story so that they can comprehend it an easy way. You can tell them what has changed and what will stay the same. Please give them the confidence that they will go to the same school, meet the same set of friends, get on to the same bus that took them to school previously, etc.

They need to know that nothing much has changed except that they would have to wear a mask, use a hand sanitizer, and maintain some distance from their classmates. As your child hears all his, they will form a picture of their own in their mind and come up with some relevant questions.

Lead By Example

And with schools introducing new rules to prevent the pandemic from spreading, you need to help your child understand how they should follow them. As your little ones immitate your actions, it would be best if you could lead by example. Explain to them how, when, and where they need to put on their masks and use a hand sanitizer. Demonstrate everything in detail to them and practice the habits that they have to imbibe before they head out to school.

You can also show them an online video informing them about the necessity of washing hands for at least 20 seconds, using soap and water. If you practice all of them personally, your kid is bound to follow you and have no difficulty doing the same at school. Teach them that they need to be responsible.

Treat Your Child With Compassion

Your kid is about to step into a world that isn’t the same anymore. Things have changed drastically, and even adults are finding it tough to acclimatize. In such a situation, you can’t expect your kid to act perfectly. It’s pretty normal for them to rush out to their friends and hug them. The excitement they have after meeting their old friends is inevitable. You can’t change that.

Please don’t be harsh on them or punish them because they shouldn’t, because the pandemic is not over yet. Please treat them with compassion. Explain things to them in a soft manner and make them aware of what’s appropriate at this moment and what’s not.

A child’s academic growth is necessary, and to keep them safe from the COVID-19, you certainly have made sacrifices. Just hold themselves tight in your arms, hug them, and keep them away from all kinds of anxiety and stress.

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