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Overcoming 3 Toxic Habits That Kill Productivity

It is not unheard of that human beings are a byproduct of their day-to-day routines. Every single tiny activity that you do in your daily life adds up to your personality. In turn, these “tiny habits” determine your overall lifestyle and decide your future.

What are 3 Toxic Habits that Kill Productivity?

As mentioned earlier, you are the total sum of your daily habits. Every second of your life, every feeling, emotion, and state of your mind determines your overall lifestyle. If these habits are toxic, you will be exposed to dullness, unproductivity, and body fragility. Here are three toxic habits that kill productivity.

  1. Overthinking

Ron / Pexels / To overcome overthinking, sit back and reassess your thoughts and state of mind. If your feelings are negative, keep yourself busy and engaged.

The most toxic habit that kills productivity is overthinking. “We suffer more in imagination than reality,” says eminent psychologist and philosopher Karl Jung. In overthinking, we imagine uncertain situations that probably will never happen in real life. Consequently, this haunts our minds with negative feelings and depression, leading to a utopian world.

Overthinking consumes your time, makes your state of mind miserable, and leads to an unbecoming state of depression. Similarly, it takes away productivity and makes you feel dull and bad about yourself. One of the striking disadvantages of overthinking is that it badly damages your physical wellness. Diseases like long-lasting headaches, body fragility, weak digestion, and body aches are the byproducts of overthinking.

2. Dwelling in the Past

Yaroslav / Pexels / Staying in the present and hoping for a better future is an efficient way to develop healthy well-being and to increase productivity.

Let’s be honest. We all encounter certain circumstances and incidents that haunt our memories with bad and negative feelings. For example, toxic relationships, divorce, failing from college, bad grades, or business loss. It takes ages to wipe out those memories from our minds. Consequently, it fills our beings with toxic attitudes and kills productivity.

Does a bad chapter in your life mean you should dwell on that forever? Well, it is never a sane idea to dwell in the past and ruin your future. Rather, a sensible idea could be to live the present to its fullest and to be optimistic for a bright future by leaving the past behind. After all, the past is gone. And you do no good to your overall well-being by dwelling on the past.

3. A Monotonous Daily Routine

David / Pexels / Learning a new skill and engaging with new hobbies are efficient remedies to a monotonous daily routine.

Another toxic habit that kills productivity is to make a “Rate Race” out of your life. What that means is you make your life a flat line: Work, eat and sleep. We are mysterious creatures, and our lives are not meant to be straight. Rather, human life is a mysterious amalgamation of ups and downs. Human beings cannot accept monotonous routines.

Similarly, if your daily routines are monotonous, you are likely to be exposed to dullness and lack of productivity. That is why it is pertinent to reassess your daily activities and mix them up with unusual activities.

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