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How To Overcome Your Biggest Fears and Phobias? Tips to Help you Become Stronger!

Fears and phobias can stop you from being the best version of yourself. Because fears usually reside in your mind and they can conquer your mind however much you try to tame it.  If recently your fears have stopped you from achieving your goals and affecting your life in more ways than one, then here are some hacks to overcome them. Yes, you can rest your fears once and for all if you dig deep to find your strength and resilience and combat your biggest fears.

Rise Up and Take The Challenge

When you are letting your fears overcome you, they will gradually become so powerful they will take over your entire life. Would you want your fears to dictate terms to you? We guess not, then stand up to your greatest fears. Instead of dabbling in what if. Find out what will happen if your fears come true.

Don’t let fears enslave your thoughts, once you convince your mind, take it easy nothing like that is going to happen and gradually you will realize it was just your mind playing tricks on you. When you are fearful you think about possibilities, the possibility of something going bad, but what if the opposite is true, yes what if something better happens? When we continue to feed negativity, it becomes stronger and nudges out the positivity, what we need to do is feed the positive train of thought instead.

Move Your Train of Thoughts to Something Else

The bad thing about fearful thoughts is we keep thinking about them and have these chains of thoughts from where there is no escape. We feel paralyzed by negative thoughts. It may also be because we are not keeping ourselves busy. When we don’t busy our minds, the mind tries to roam free and start worrying, planning and analyzing. Our fears may not exist if we do not obsess over them.

Try and divert your thought process. You can try to do things which you love or may start to clean the clutter around you. Sometimes arranging things around you makes your mind orderly too. Once you break the chain of negative thoughts, you can then move away from that fear and look at the problem far more objectively.

Meditation Works!


We know meditation works for us, but do we practice it every day as we should. Well, most of us will say no we don’t, because we don’t have the time, yet we have all the time in the world to feed our fears. So, every day make it a point to practice meditation first thing in the morning, before you give your mind to stray away and find excuses not to meditate.

Meditation is the most powerful tool in our kitty to overcome our fears and our stress. Meditation teaches our minds to be resilient. Believe us, if you start practicing meditation today, by the end of the month you’ll be more at peace and have a stronger mind to deal with your daily fears.

Forget and Forgive

More often than not the feeling of fear stems from some deep-seated residual feelings that you must be nursing without your knowledge. Maybe you are too angry, or you are holding too much resentment in you against someone, try to let go of such animosity you may be harboring. Once you let go of those entrenched feelings you feel a lot lighter and maybe even able to get rid of the fear you may hold on to for dear life. Don’t fight your feelings, acknowledge and just move on.

Gratitude is the Only Way to Go

Fear is a manifestation of ignoring what you have and focusing on what may happen. So, instead of focussing on the fears only, concentrate on the good things you have in your life, you can even start journaling your feelings. Or remember the good things that happened to you at night. Yes, it takes some doing to remember the good things as your mind is so bent on the bad things, but with time you’ll be able to master the feeling and start realizing how beautiful life can be, minus the overwhelming fear.

Here’s how you can overcome your small or big fears in life. Remember if you start training your mind to believe in the good things, then you’ll certainly be able to overcome your biggest fears. And if you don’t do consult a psychologist to seek help. Don’t let your fears get the better of you.




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