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Michael J. Fox Opens Up About His Health Struggles Amid His Parkinson’s Battle

A very promising career in Hollywood, a few big hits under the belt, and a bright future – yet Michael J. Fox’s dreams were shattered 20 years back when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. But this talented actor was not bogged down by the degenerative disease that he got at the age of 29. He continued working and kept winning awards and accolades for his work. He is best remembered for playing Marty McFly in the Back To The Future movie series. Later, he went on to act on the small screen, too. Since 1999, he has also worked as a voice actor, wrote books, and became an advocate for the research of Parkinson’s disease. His marriage to Tracy Pollan in 1988 has stood the test of time. Tracy has been a huge source of support for Fox since they got married 30 years back.

Additional Health Issues

As if suffering from Parkinson’s was not enough, Fox had some additional health scares recently. And it had nothing to do with his chronic disease though. Fox started falling a lot last year. First, he thought it was probably related to his present condition. But then he found out that there was some problem with his spinal cord and he needed to undergo surgery. He also had to go through intense physical therapy afterward. Moreover, falling down repeatedly resulted in a broken arm which got so bad that he eventually needed a plate on his arms, too. It must have been difficult for him to go through all that when he already has so much on his mind due to his persistent condition.

It is truly heartening to see how he stays motivated by thinking that there will be a cure for Parkinson’s disease some day. Even after so much that he had to go through, he is still active and appears on shows occasionally. His spirit is indomitable.

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