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Maintaining General Mental Health Through Therapy, Counselling, or a Life Coach

How We Deal

Dealing with stress We all have coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations. For some, their coping mechanisms are healthy, like exercising, dancing, doing something creative, spending time with loved ones, etc. However, most of them resort to unhealthy mechanisms, like drugs, alcohol, binge eating, or starving, for instance.

The kinds of coping mechanisms are endless. But the most effective way to deal with issues is through therapy. Getting professional assistance would help you in the long-run and deal with the issue from the grass-root level.

Don’t Knock It Till You’ve Tried It

So many people dismiss the idea of therapy straight up, while still, more don’t even consider it an option. However, it is scientifically proven that putting words to your feelings displays a significant and healthy therapeutic effect in the brain. So laying everything out on the table no matter how big or how small, is a great way of maintaining mental health. Imagine how helpful it is when you lay everything out with a person who is specifically trained to help others manage their problems, then? It is particularly important to mention at this point that maintaining mental health is important for every one of us, whether or not we are facing any mental illnesses.

How Therapy Can Help

Talk to a therapistTherapists are trained professionals who have earned several doctorates or master’s degrees to obtain their licenses allowing them to engage in many forms of therapy. Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy where the focus is placed on long-term work on personal issues.

During this type of therapy, professionals develop a long-term professional relationship with clients and together they develop ways to understand your behaviors, moods, and thoughts. This is highly beneficial in maintaining a healthy mind because you learn more about your feelings and your mind and the relationship between the two and how to manage both of them in various ways and under various circumstances.

Ever Heard of a Life Coach?

Life coaches are another breed of professionals who work hard to help you live a better life. They obtain their certifications via accredited programs, however, the profession isn’t regulated so this is not completely necessary. This means that life coaches also do not need to have degrees like therapists do, but their job descriptions are similar to that of the therapists. Life coaches offer emotional support and motivate clients, and help instill confidence in their clients. This turns out to be a career path for many former psychologists and counselors as well.

Choosing Between A Life Coach and Therapy/Counselling

Life coaches help you change your life by helping you focus on goals and new life paths. This would help you overlook past problems as therapy or counseling do. The differences are not great between the two, in essence, and truly speaking, you should try out both and discover what works best for you. There are many ways that both life coaching and therapy/counseling can help you in your life.

Through professional help, you will learn to handle stress better, look at problems from a fresh perspective, and focus on the bigger picture in life. Having a professional guide you through your life decisions, hold you accountable and guide you towards achieving your goals helps propel your life forward. By speaking to someone who is trained, you can come to find your purpose or your dreams, if you don’t already know them. Having goals, dreams or purpose is very helpful for a healthy mind. Together with your professional of choice, you can dissect issues in your past, present or future and help you work through them.

Ultimately, we are all looking for ways to lead a better life, so it does not make a difference if you visit a therapist or a life coach. Be proud, hold your head high, and do not shy away from taking professional help. It will help you learn how to lead a better life and follow through with the tips they share. Mental health is something to be taken seriously, and seeing a therapist or counselor or having a life coach shouldn’t make you feel ashamed, and neither should it imply that you are suffering from any condition. It’s all about a better life – isn’t it?

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