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How Important is Mental Health Awareness in High School?

The evidence of mental health misconceptions that exist in our society has been noted, and the sad reality of lacking awareness on this issue remains on a higher ratio. We still treat those who suffer from mental illness differently. Studies show that mental health issues can likely originate during the school-age years. If you think about it, the youth spend most of their time at school. The need for mental health education to start at an early age in schools is needed.

With depression on the rise, it is now becoming one of the most alarming health burdens. According to recent studies by the WHO or World Health Organization, 300 million people around the globe of different ages suffer from depression. With childhood and adolescent mental health disorders being common, it’s baffling that we are not tackling this concern and letting our children have better knowledge and understanding. Untreated mental illnesses affect the child’s ability to grow and with its negligence, may lead to horrible consequences.

Mental Health and Education

girl walking backpackThe school is where your kids’ social interaction first takes place — they make friends and hone their sense of confidence, respect, and worth. This is also a good way to start eliminating the misconceptions of mental illness. Though several students face arguments and bullying, they soon also face being excluded from others due to misconceptions. This contributes to children experiencing difficulty in their interactions, leading to anxiety.

Ignorance of Symptoms

Many challenges found in schools vary for each child. Some children easily cope with this while others struggle. The feeling of anxiety, when ignored, can lead to depression, increasing the risk for drug dependence and alcohol. Mild symptoms must be addressed immediately before it becomes severe. Untreated anxiety leads to panic attacks which contribute largely to depression, poor performance, withdrawal from outside interactions, and worse, suicide.

The Suicide Epidemic

Unable to grasp reality, their vision narrows, and they resort to committing suicide. Teaching mental awareness in school can really make a positive effect on the psychological behavior of affected children. With suicide now edging up on the ladder as the number two leading cause of death based on studies, it’s been found out that increased social media use and mental health are connected. The benefits of small group study based on this connection show that the influence of negative companionships, bullying, and decreased face-to-face interaction contribute to the consequences and connection.

Social Media’s Impact on Children

The children’s exposure to social media nowadays makes it an easy and immediate tool in socializing. They can find friends and support easily and thus the absorption of influence is very easy. However, they can be easy victims for toxic people and reputations can be brought down in a matter of minutes. For the years that will come, the effect of that negative issue will be marked on the child’s character.

Early Intervention on Schools and Its Importance

kids sitting bondingMental health issues during its early stages is a very important move to delay or prevent it from being developed into a full-blown illness. Being aware of the common symptoms and warning signs can help as actions or help can be extended.

The High Schools as the First Line of Defense

If schools can include in their curriculum the subject of mental health awareness, especially in high school, it will not only open an avenue for the youth to be more open regarding their own struggles, but it will also reduce the chances of pre-existing mental health conditions from exacerbating. The learning of early signs like apathy, detachment, abandoned interactions, and poor performance may be the first step in preventing it from worsening. Dialogues, symposium, or other activities with parents, family members, friends, teachers, and concerned individuals will provide a positive approach to diminishing the risk of depression.

Mental Health Awareness in High Schools

teenagers group sittingThe importance of mental awareness in school is very important as this will enable everyone to identify the signs and help can be administered immediately. The training on dealing with mental issues should be given complete attention and recognition.

Having open communications is one of the several keys to dealing with these mental health issues. Collaboration between the parents and teachers is vital to this concern. Empowering their knowledge will drive them away from prolonging the problem. Taking advantage of the time they spend at school must be expedited also.

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