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Here’s How Tidying Up Your Room Can Improve Your Mental Health

While a healthy nutritious diet and a regular workout routine can do wonders on your mental well-being, there’s one craze that has recently caught the fancy of many. What’s that? Cleaning! You can call it tidying, decluttering, purging, or practicing minimalism. But whichever name you might want to give it, you can’t deny that discarding clutter and unnecessary stuff around you is quite gratifying. All credit goes to Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a show on Netflix, which has encouraged so many viewers to start tidying.

How To Organize Your Room

If you wish to abide by a conventional approach, try to divide your house into small, manageable spaces. Refrain from taking the entire load in one go. Complete clearing up one space at a time. For instance, approach your living room first, then clean up your bedroom, kitchen, so on, and so forth. According to popular author Joshua Becker, there are a few simple yet smart ways to help you with the process. First, relocate all the stuff to their actual places, clear the floors, clean up the flat surfaces, inspect the storage areas, do away with the things that are of no use to you, and neatly stack up those things which you need for further use. You can opt to donate things that other people can reuse, and as far as those things which can’t be reused are concerned, try to recycle them. Now, what can be the benefits of this decluttering?

It Gives A Sense Of Satisfaction

You know your drawers and closets are stuffed with all the clutter in the world, but you never felt like mustering up the energy for cleaning the space up even in your free time. But the moment you take the decision of tidying it up, you know you have put a step forward. As soon as you take care of your closet, your brain will eventually get a sense of satisfaction. It’s a rewarding feeling for sure. After you are done with all the cleaning and dejunking, you wouldn’t stop appreciating yourself for all the hard work instead of criticizing yourself. This, in turn, will automatically put you in a healthy state of mind.

It Promotes Clear Thinking

Any kind of clutter in your living space can hamper the way you look at things. You have gotten used to it and therefore, are oblivious to the major difference decluttering would bring about in your lifestyle. Moreover, your brain receives infinite stimuli that it has to process, and thus, you are putting excess load on your brain. This will eventually deteriorate your mental health in the process. You will find it difficult to focus on your tasks. Neat and clean spaces in your house will allow your brain to enter into a relaxed state. This state of mind is always healthy. Your mental space increases, and your concentration levels are boosted.

Dejunking Helps In Decreasing Frustration


Daily life is full of hassles, turmoils, and upheavals that are more than enough to put your brain under stress and anxiety. You tend to overlook the small things that can actually have a positive effect on your health and mental well-being.  A drawer crammed up with all the junk in the world, a kitchen closet that’s stacked up with all the clutter that you have hardly used so far, and a closet filled up with clothes you have grown out of — all these and more block your power to analyze. Minor things in your daily life can lead to heated arguments between you and your partner or family and ruin your partnership. Small annoyances can have big consequences. A well-organized space will have widely applicable effects on your happiness, your relationships, your mood, and your life as a whole. Purging your space from unwanted things and useless clutter will bring about a huge change — a kind of satisfying positivity that will envelop your body like a warm hug.

It might seem like a tedious task at first, but tidying up helps you concentrate on major things in life, help you recognize who you actually are as a human being, and realize those things in life that matter to you the most. Of course, your mental well-being is definitely among the list of your priorities. So what are you waiting for? Get to cleaning then!

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