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Here’s How Meditation Can Help You In Improving Your Mental Health

You might have heard about the many health benefits of meditation. Well, the benefits of meditation are numerous and extend to various aspect of our life, including both mental and physical well being. In addition to keeping you hale and hearty, regular meditation can keep away various types of mental health disorders. Furthermore, the benefits of meditation are not restricted to a particular age group. Contrary to popular beliefs, meditation helps in mental health improvement of kids and adults alike. Every individual stands to gain from practicing meditation as it brings a much-required balance and steadiness in your life. Let’s get started on the mental health benefits of meditation.

Improves Mood And Psychological Health

Meditation is one of the most effective and easiest ways to treat depression. It not only helps to uplift your mood but also strengthens your mind to better handle any future stress. Anxiety and depression are two of the major health concerns in the modern world and meditation is by far the best way to treat them. A study of patients with a past history of depressions done in the University of California has proven that mindfulness meditation can reduce pondering or dysfunctional thoughts to a great extent and bring stability to your thoughts and decisions. 5-10 minutes of meditation each morning will lower depression and anxiety levels in just a week.

Improves Brain Power


Brain power can be defined as intellectual ability. To increase your brain power, you don’t have to connect it to a power source and let it charge. Instead, you can just meditate to enhance your intellectual abilities. The effects of meditation on the brain are various many of which have been proven by studies. Meditation helps your brain to focus better and work well under stress. Professors at UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging have found from studies that those who meditated regularly had more folds in their cortex, called gyrification, than those who didn’t. Greater folds of the cortex allow the brain to process information faster and better at decision making.

Improves Memory

Long term meditation has shown to increase the grey matter concentration in parts of your brain associated with memory, thinking and learning. Concentrating quietly in the morning will gradually help you to remember better and also improve rapid memory recall. Mindfulness meditation is also effective in making you more focused on whatever you do, whether you are a student or a working professional. Research has already proved that meditation has a great role to play in the thickening of the cortex, which improves focus and memory.

Improves Creativity

It has already been successfully proved that there is a strong connection between mental health and creativity. Creativity is generally characterized by the intellectual capacity of producing new things, which are valuable as well. If you are suffering from cognitive disabilities, or in simple terms, you are a retard, you cannot produce new and fruitful things. Apart from the obvious mental and physical benefits of meditation, another excellent advantage of meditation is the boost to creativity it provides. Calm and composed contemplation can increase your brain’s thinking capacity and in turn develop imaginative and creative powers.

Improves Physical Health As Well


While it has proven a number of times that meditation helps in improving mental health, the physical health benefits of meditation cannot be overlooked either. How exactly meditation helps improve physical health? Well, meditation helps to reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease and also blood pressure. Regular meditation helps prevent asthma, arthritis, irregular bowel movement, and inflammatory disorders. It also helps to drastically reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s disease in old age. The day to day health benefits can be observed after just a week of regular meditation.

The fast lifestyle followed by many nowadays has its disadvantages and nothing detoxifies the mind from daily fatigue as well as meditation does. Meditation only takes up so little time from our daily lives and in turn helps us to make more time out of what we already have by helping us to think and act clearly. Starting your day with 5 minutes of deep meditation every morning will help you de-clutter your mind and take on life’s many ups and downs with a composed and self-assured attitude.

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