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Four Mental Health Workouts To Boost Your Emotional Fitness

Emotional fitness and emotional intelligence are not the same. Though there is a relation between the two, your emotional intelligence is defined by your capacity for empathy, while your emotional fitness is your ability to take decisive and effective actions and overcome a difficult situation. The advantages of exercising are well-known. Researching the best gym attires wouldn’t make any sense until and unless you actually get inside and start sweating. It’s the same for your emotional fitness. You might have studied a lot about how to calm your mind down in pressure situations. However, only appropriate inner work would accentuate your emotional fitness. Nothing else would. Below listed are some ways through which you can work to take your emotional fitness to higher levels.

Check How You React To Certain Situations Throughout A Day

Your reaction to any stimulus is somewhat not in your control, i.e. involuntary. When you witness craziness, you might be anxious. If you come across something that you don’t like, you may get angry. These are some spontaneous reactions that are involuntary. These thoughts, reactions, and emotions would come naturally to you before your brain puts in rationality. Keep checking with yourself a few times to find out what are those areas you are pinning your focus on throughout a day. From there you can know about the resultant emotions that spring up.

You might be excited about the fantastic opportunities that are up for grabs or a negative situation might put you under stress. A majority of you might not be aware of the fact that your subconscious mind has the habit of focusing on negativity and all the negative things that are happening around you. When you seem to be in an autopilot mode, you tend to get overwhelmed by the negative feelings. If you introduce awareness to your emotions and your entire thought process, you might be able to shift your attention and come up with conscious decisions. By checking your feelings several times throughout a day, you get the details about why you feel in a certain way and what are areas you are focusing on.

Feel Your Emotions

Since you are always in a judging mode, you are not able to understand your emotions the way you should. Guilt and shame are those emotions that you develop when you think the way you are feeling is wrong. These two emotions prevent you from spreading the boundaries of your capacity.

The triggers are actually responsible for bringing these emotions out and it becomes quite difficult for you to put a full stop. Instead, you are compelled to feel the emotions in depth. When you can feel and understand your emotion, you are allowing positivity to enter. The fear a well as the uncertainty that engulfs you from within will start fading away. The darkness gives way to light.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

If you acknowledge your emotions, you get aware of the trigger that is causing them. As discussed before, your subconscious mind is always focused on all kinds of negative thoughts, especially with the inception of a day. If you fail to acknowledge your feelings, you will have an uphill task to endure throughout the day. Owing to the negative thoughts, your brain will release cortisol, the stress hormone and your body will spend all its energy fighting against itself.

Address The Issues In Your Mind

A lion’s share of your fears, anxieties, and stressors are in reality, caused by what goes on in your mind. You are always apprehensive that something wrong could happen and that puts you under a lot of stress. Though most of the time, the fear your mind is shrouded with, isn’t real.

The thought that you would be facing the worst scenario in the times to come seems to have been driven by some unpleasant incidents from the past. You are caught in the middle and feel helpless. This feeling tends to amplify every emotion that you have. The mind is the place where these battles are fought and it is the same place where you have to fight against the demon and emerge triumphantly.

In case you are an entrepreneur, you can’t allow your negative thoughts to keep you consumed. Work on your emotional fitness daily. You are bound to come out from the crisis, stronger than before.

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