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Focusing on the Real World: Tips on How to Effectively Disconnect Yourself from Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly bridging gaps among humans from all around the globe and is impressively useful in information dissemination. But as much as it sounds heavenly, its caveats have become evident now more than ever.

There’s no denying that more and more people are becoming dependent on and addicted to social media, especially during this pandemic. Excessive use of it has been linked to a multitude of health issues, which is why you need to disconnect from time to time – here’s how to do it:

Start a New Hobby

Unfortunately, we are confined in the four corners of our house as we weather this trying time. That means we are stuck with our gadgets and the internet, making it harder to avoid social media.

But as you cut down on social media consumption, you will realize that you have more time in your hands. Now, you have a moment to focus on your passion, start a new hobby, or enhance your talents and skills.

Turn Off Push Notifications

The thing with gadgets lying around is that you can access them without hesitance. As such, mindless scrolling is bound to happen at any time of the day.

One way to stop the urge of grabbing your phone is to turn off notifications from your apps. This way, you’ll not be distracted by constant pings and you’ll not feel like you’re missing out on what’s happening with your peers.

Speak with Your Friends, Family

While it is dangerous, and perhaps careless, to meet with friends and family just to hang out at this time of the pandemic, you can always reach out to them – but not using social media. Text or call them instead of resorting to different platforms.

Treat It As a Reward

Like how you would give your dog a treat for every accomplishment, do the same to yourself when it comes to social media usage. Organized your closet? Give yourself 15 minutes of scrolling on Instagram.

Finished the presentation your boss asked you to do? Reward yourself with 20 minutes on Facebook. This way, you get the work done and with motivation before you waste your time on social media.

Go Cold Turkey

Only resort to this method when social media has taken over your life already. If you can’t stop the itch and urge to open Instagram or Facebook a couple of times in the midst of a task, you need intervention.

Observe how social media has affected how you interact with others and how it has hampered daily activities. Do the math: calculate the number of hours you spend online and use this time for other meaningful chores like planting or house cleaning.

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