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Five Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes a lot of things. And we are not just talking about the bodily changes or the lifestyle changes you need to make as you progress closer towards welcoming your bundle of joy! We are speaking about mental health changes too.

Mental health during and post-pregnancy is something people do not talk about as often as they should. However, it is a serious concern as the changing hormones play a major role and alter how a person feels.
So, if you are pregnant and need help keeping your sanity, here is what you could do! These tips will ensure your mental health does not go for a toss, and you remain healthy both physically and mentally during pregnancy and after childbirth!

Join  A Focus Group

We are not talking about planning a pregnancy around the same time your BFF does. While that would be great, we understand that it’s not a possibility always. Instead, we are talking about finding a group of other pregnant women with whom you can bond.

And finding them all would be easier than you think. You could find other pregnant women at your clinic, your pregnancy training session, or just online. Talking to these people and bonding with them as you share your fears and experiences will ease you through the process. It will prepare you for the big moment!

Talk About It!

If mood swings are what you think you would have during your pregnancy, think again. What you might experience this time is probably a whole theme park of it! With all the hormones, physical changes, and numerous ways in which your life will change, you are bound to undergo a lot of stress, which will impact your mental health too.

So, instead of bottling it all in you, you should talk it out. This could be with your therapist, spouse, partner, friend, or someone else in the family with whom you would be comfortable. Accept that the mood swings are normal, and talking to someone you trust about the way you feel will ease out half the stress from your mind. And you would realize that you are feeling better!

 Count on Yoga

While most people would tell you that it would be difficult to exercise while pregnant, yoga isn’t that hard, yoga involves synchronized moves of your body, strengthening your body and muscles. Besides giving your body the much-needed workout and adrenaline rush to your mind, it also helps you prepare for the big day.

You could start meditation from the day you are pregnant. However, you might want to wait until you are 14 weeks pregnant before you start practicing yoga. However, the most important thing is the various breathing techniques, and yoga poses will help ease your pregnancy stress.

Take Professional Help

There is nothing wrong with visiting a mental health professional. While this applies to all your life, it is all the more important while talking about a pregnant person. Protecting your sanity is important not just for you but for the overall well-being of your baby too. If you feel that the stress of pregnancy is getting to you, talk to your doctor. They should be able to guide you to the right psychologist who will help you ease your stress.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness, this might seem a lot like meditation. However, if you are not aware of the fulness technique and what it means, do not worry. We will walk you through the process. There are many moments in life where we are caught up in our thoughts, and the negativity, stress, and overthinking give you sleepless nights. And at times like that, practicing mindfulness or watching your thoughts to change the course of how you think.

For instance, you could all the tasks you need to attend, listen to some music, or watch a movie. And while pregnant, you could use your mindfulness moments to connect with your unborn baby. Yes, science has evidence that babies can hear and understand all that we talk to them while still in the womb. So, why not use this time to connect with your little one rather than letting the fears weigh you down!

Pregnancy is a great phase of your life, so enjoy it to the fullest. So, do not hesitate to do everything that makes you happy and keeps you that way!

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