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Five Traits of Self-Destructive People And What They Can Do About It

The meaning of life is different for different people. Surviving has been the primary purpose of all living creatures, including human beings. The most surprising fact about human existence is that there are people who indulge in habits that lead them to self-destruction. Although a few practices might not have a detrimental impact on an individual’s lifestyle, the long-term effects of self-destructive behavior can be pretty alarming if you fail to keep them in check. Here are some tell-tale signs of self-destructive people. Go through this checklist to know if you need a cure for yourself.

Forced Incompetence

Practicing forced incompetence is a standard behavior among many. This is brought to light when someone says, ‘I am just not good at math’ or ‘This is not made for me.’ Some of you are naturally gifted. Suppose you are exceptionally good at painting, singing, or dancing, but never stop to practice. Consequently, all these talents would practically mean nothing if you don’t hone your skills from time to time.

Just because you are not good at something doesn’t imply that you will never be good at it. It might seem to be more difficult for you than the rest, but if you give effort, work hard, and earn competence, nothing can be a more significant achievement than this.


Remember, if you continue feeling bad for yourself all the time, you will gain absolutely nothing. Every individual has their shortcoming. Does it mean that you keep ruing on the fact that you are weak on something while the others are faring better? If you think that you have been born on this planet to feel miserable about yourself and put that up as an excuse for not performing to the best of your ability, nothing positive can ever come your way. It’s as simple as that. Without wasting crucial time by indulging in such a habit, get up and do yourself some favor. Utilize the time in doing something that can better your prospects in some way or the other. There is no point in feeling sorry for yourself. You should stop projecting yourself as a loser when you are not.

Substance Abuse


The most-self destructive habit that you can get involved in is drug or alcohol abuse. You drink since you are feeling miserable, go to sleep, and then wake up feeling more miserable and continue with your drinking sessions. In the meantime, many things keep on happening around you. You turn older every day without getting the opportunity to learn a new skill that could turn your life for the better.

When this thought dawns on you, you tend to drown more into hopelessness, thus feeling worthless about yourself. Hence, you start drinking again. If you are reeling under the effect of depression, drugs or alcohol can never be the solution you are looking for.


Self-destructive folks tend to isolate themselves from society. Either they do it intentionally, or circumstances force them to. Running away from friends, family, peers is a common habit that can be observed in them. How do they do it? They alienate themselves by sneaking out from every social gathering or ignore invitations, insult people, doesn’t answer phone calls or reply to messages. All in all, they behave like a complete nuisance. Now, how can it do you any good? Keeping yourself away from the world can only lead to more depression and nothing else. You are harming yourself as well as all those who love you and care for you. This is not done. Think.

Neglecting Help

Self-destructive folks refuse help from anyone willing to. At the same time, they are unable to take good care of themselves too. They fail to eat healthy food, stay in proper shape, don’t shave or bather regularly, etc. All of these habits result in severe bouts of depression. If you are one of them, try taking a step forward towards betterment. You will gradually feel the change and come out of misery.

Self-destructive behavior usually starts when you think you can achieve nothing in this world. The fear of losing gets the better of you. Though you may not be aware of this, you start to punish yourself unconsciously for the inadequacies that you perceive you have. Stop developing a negative belief about yourself. Start your life afresh from today itself.

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