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This Is Why Finding A Sense Of Community Is Essential For Your Mental Health

Mental health is as important for you as your physical health. It directly impacts the quality of life, and therefore, you must take care and maintain proper mental health. There are various steps through which you can do that and seek a sense of community. What is meant by community?

You can define a community in many ways. But to define it in simple terms, a community feels connected to those around you and accepts who you are. It is also about the feeling of being supported. All these make you feel loved and wanted. What’s the link between a community and mental health? Find out here.

Why Is Community Crucial For Mental Well-Being?

Humans are social beings and can’t lead an isolated life. A community becomes essential for survival. This is all the more applicable to an individual suffering from mental illness and going through a state of loneliness. Community involves several elements that are significant for mental well-being. The three most crucial and beneficial elements are as follows:


If you have ever had the feeling of being completely out of place, you know how lonely that feels, right? Here lies the benefit of a community. It gives you a feeling that you belong there. You find it easy to identify with a group.

You wouldn’t be like trying hard to adjust even if you don’t want to. A community doesn’t require you to conform to certain rules of a group. This sense of belonging makes you feel that you are an integral part of it, no matter who you are. You don’t need to change anything in yourself. Of course, you have certain unique qualities, and they will love you for that!


What do you do when you require something? Whom do you turn to for help? Wouldn’t you want people to be around you in times of crisis? Wouldn’t you want to have someone you can share your feelings with? Everyone needs support to tide over troubled waters or cross any insurmountable hurdle. Moving forward becomes a lot easier then. When you are in a community, you will have people who would be your support system. They would care for you and make sure that you are safe. This eventually will have a positive impact on the way you perceive life.


When you are talking about a community, different people have different roles to play. Suppose you are a good cook and can be relied upon to prepare a hot meal for an individual amid any crisis. You can also be that person whom people know is always available in need. You can be that individual people can call up whenever they feel like sharing a thing or two. When you play a role in the betterment of others’ lives, you get a sense of purpose. When you realize that you have a purpose, your life starts getting better with time.

How Can You Find A Community?

Before you seek a community that would help you connect with others, you would need to do a self-reflection in the first place. You need to figure out what matters to you the most. Only then can you connect with people who share the same mentality. If you love reading, you can sign up for a book club. If soccer is your passion, you can try your level best and get selected for a soccer team. There are infinite possibilities, and therefore, it wouldn’t be tough for you to connect with people while you are doing things you thoroughly enjoy.

Next, comes your value system. If you can be of any service, the feeling can be gratifying. You can involve yourself in volunteer work or any philanthropic activity. Giving back to one another is the essence of a community. Your belief is also of utmost significance. Suppose you have a political inclination, venture into something that holds meaning for you. If you are into religion or spirituality, engage yourself in service.

Humans want to connect badly. If people accept you for the way you are, you will automatically develop a feeling of self-worth. Don’t worry if you haven’t found a community of your choice yet. Keep on trying. You will succeed for sure.

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