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Find Out How Stress is Beneficial for the Body!

We have always heard how terrible stress can be for us physically and emotionally. In fact, too much stress over a long period of time can even trigger chronic diseases like diabetes, thyroid, and high blood pressure. No wonder people are more conscious about the way they react to a situation these days. Additionally, therapists always advise against facing the stress head on, but it seems like it has become a part of our fast-paced lives now. What if scientists told you now that stress is after all not so bad for you, and if you can embrace it and work it in the right direction, it can actually do you good? Isn’t that an astonishing fact? However, we are talking about short-term and moderately intense stress here. Chronic stress over a long period of time will still be harmful both for your mind and body.

However, here are a few good things that were discovered in some research related to stress.

Stress Can Enhance Our Performance

It is hard to imagine stress as an enhancer of our performances, but it does just that. A 2013 study has proven that stress can actually push us to meet and complete challenges. Stress can boost the production of neurons and help us improve our performance. A study was conducted on rats where they were put in a cage and were given shots that immobilized them which increased the stress hormones in their body. However, when they were examined after a while, it was found that this extra stress caused stem cells to grow into new neurons. A little bit of stress helps us be more alert, making us better in what we do, opines scientists. A moderate amount of stress from time to time keeps the brain more alert, thereby allowing us to complete our tasks a bit more effectively.

Stress Boosts The Immune System

Another research by a scientist from Stanford proved that intermittent bursts of stress can actually make our immune system much stronger. It so happens that when we are stressed, our body is on alert. Ideally, it doesn’t know what is happening, but in order to fight with a foreign element, the resting immunity cells are called. It is like going to a battle, and hence, they are ready for whatever is about to happen.

Stress Improves Memory


In another amazing find, scientists conducted a test and found out that stress can improve our memory. In the experiment, a certain number of rats were divided into two groups. One group was made to swim, despite the fact that rats do not like to swim. Afterwards, both groups were put in a maze. Upon completing the maze, the rats which had swum made fewer mistakes while finding their way out of the maze. It was found that the rats who were made to swim had an increase in their level of glutamine. Glutamine is a neurotransmitter that improves our memory. Similar tests in human beings have also proved that stress can improve memory.

Stress Reduces Risk Of Death


In 1998, a survey was conducted where about 29,000 people were questioned about stress levels. In 2006, it was found that 43% of those who had reported a lot of stress and knew how stress is related to life-threatening diseases had a risk of early deaths. However, respondents who were under a lot of stress but had no clue that their health might get affected had the least risk of a premature death.

Stress Makes You Social

In another scenario, some students were made to go through several stressful conditions, and post that experiment, they were paired up with another student to play a game that required them to trust each other and communicate a lot. It was found that students who went through the stressful situation had better skills in tackling social communications. In fact, they seemed more trusting of their partners and also seemed to share more than those who weren’t stressed at all.

What actually happens is that stress allows us to connect with our instincts better. And when we do that, it is easy to go with the flow and follow our guts. In fact, a lot of stress can actually make us worry less and commit fewer errors. Surprising, right? So, it is okay if you are stressed out, but just don’t make it a habit!

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