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Fight Depression with Mindful Meditation

We all have bad days – days when we don’t feel like smiling, don’t want to talk to anyone, or even don’t feel like getting up from the bed. But these days are rare, and even when we are at our low, we can still pull ourselves together and carry on with our day. But, that’s not the case for those who are battling depression.

depressionSomeone who is depressed experiences a sense of despair and feels like their days around bound to be bad. They would spend days sleeping in, isolating themselves from others, or suffer from negative thoughts that can lead to something dangerous. Depression is considered to be a condition of the mind brought by certain events that trigger anxiety, negative thoughts, rumination, and a lack of concentration.

Apart from seeking therapy and being prescribed with antidepressants, another way to fight depression is through meditation.

Over the years, meditation has gained popularity as more and more people have been vouching for it as an effective way to inspire positive thoughts and to center their minds. When it comes to depression, meditation has proven itself effective. It works in such a way that it helps build focus, gets rid of anxiety, and reduces negative thoughts, which are the usual culprits of depression.

Mindful Meditation

Studies show that one of the many ways to battle depression is with mindful meditation; it effectively prevents depression for a person suffering from relapse or has experienced episodes of depression. For mindful meditation to be effective, it’s important to follow the following steps:

Find a Comfortable Position

Before you start your mindful meditation, make sure that you choose a room or area that is conducive for your meditation, meaning it is free from any distractions. The room should be soundproof or free from outside noise. It should also be at the right temperature so you won’t be disturbed if it’s too hot, or too cold. It’s also important to do away with things that could stimulate distractions such as an open door or window, television or radio, cellphones, and other gadgets or devices. It could be more convenient to face a blank wall to avoid your mind to wander around.

Once you’ve secured a “perfect space” to meditate, sit comfortably; everything will go smoothly if you are comfortable with your sitting position. This will help you focus on your breathing which is an integral part of the whole meditation process.

You can sit on the floor or on a stable chair with a straightened back in order for breathing to make easier. Next, place your hands on your thighs and palm facing downwards; keep your eyes half open with a glimpse of the wall or floor. Position your body with your hips higher than your knees and stay comfortable.

Keep Your Mind Focused

As you are seated comfortably, spend a few moments being aware of the present moment; be conscious of your body position and be aware of your environment. If your mind starts to wander around, concentrate and bring your attention back to your body and surroundings.

Feel the Air That You Breathe

After a few moments of being aware, the next step is to turn your attention to your breathing. Give utmost attention to the air that you inhale and exhale. Breathe deeply and naturally. If your mind starts to wander around, focus on your breathing and the present moment.

Accept Everything That Gets In

As you concentrate on your breathing, allow your mind to wander, be open with the things that appear on your mind and don’t overanalyze it; just deal with these things naturally. Meditation helps you analyze and accept things that appear naturally. Slowly by slowly, you will begin to face the things that bother you, thus allowing you to think of the things that make you feel depressed. Knowing the problem is the first step to finding a solution. By figuring out what causes your depression, you can work on fixing that.

Depression is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly. It has taken the lives of many, including awarded-winning actor Robin Williams, who made the whole world laugh with his iconic portrayal of Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, and many more; and the renowned chef and CNN host Anthony Bourdain, to name a few.

Rich or poor, famous or unknown, surrounded by loved ones or alone, someone may be secretly suffering from depression. So if you or anyone you know is battling depression know that overcoming it isn’t impossible, and if you need help, don’t be afraid or ashamed to talk to someone.

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