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A Festival That Will Help The People Of Perth And Kinross With Their Mental Health

The topic of mental health has recently come into the limelight after the covid-19 lockdowns. During the time when everyone was locked up in their homes and unable to carry out basic everyday activities, it took a severe toll on people’s mental health! In the year 2020, WHO recorded a significant increase in the number of people who developed depression and anxiety.

Coupled with financial and physical strain, the mental health of the general public continued to deteriorate until the lockdowns were lifted. However, the silver lining of the situation is that now people take mental health issues much more seriously! Roxanne Kerr, counselor and founder of Trauma Healing Together, is now making it easier for people to receive mental health support.

Karolina/Pexels | No one deserves to suffer because of their mental health

Meet Roxanne Kerr

Roxanne Kerr is a certified clinical trauma specialist who has studied psychology while specializing in counseling. Kerr is also a member of the British Association of Counselling and psychotherapy and is now working to establish the Perth and Kinross Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival as a way for people to find the support they need by connecting them with experts and professionals who will provide them with guidance. Roxanne’s main purpose is to make mental health just as important as a physical injury like a broken ankle or a dose of chickenpox.

Nappy/Pexels | Speaking with an expert is always the best course of action

She mentioned that the idea is to make seeking help for mental health issues easy and to turn it into a non-taboo topic. For this purpose, Ker believes that there shouldn’t be a change in the terminologies that are used but a change in the way they are perceived. Roxanne’s organization, Trauma Healing Together, focuses on working with groups and other like-minded organizations to provide a holistic approach when it comes to supporting people’s mental health. The reason why her organization looks towards providing a generalized approach is that Kerr understands that there is still a lot of gap between people and the accessibility of mental health counseling.

The Festival For Mental Health

This festival is going to be one of a kind as it will provide all kinds of treatments and therapies related to mental health. You will find a wide range of activities such as art, yoga, music, and photography; these services will be offered by the partner organizations that are working with Kerr. With this festival, she hopes to give the gift of a new interest or a hobby to all those who attend so that they can start their journey towards a much healthier and peaceful mental state.

Cottonbro/Pexels | Seeking therapy is an act of strength – ask when you need help

While Roxanne Kerr’s work mainly surrounds helping victims of childhood sexual abuse and trauma victims, this festival is open to anyone who is experiencing mental health issues. The goal of this festival is to make the discussion about mental health more common.

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