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The Epitome of A Good Guy: Real Encounters With Keanu Reeves

Thinking of our favorite actors and actresses, we can’t help but wonder how they act in real life. In reel life, we often see them as kind, caring, heroic, and whatnot! However, are they always the same in actual life? There are tons of questions and answers to this on Quora, and some of the real encounters might shock you. But here is one actor who has been playing a hero on and off the screen. He is quite unassuming and doesn’t talk about it himself at all. Thanks to a few Reddit users, his real-life image came to the forefront, and judging by the stories, he is a remarkable man whose humility is laudable.

A user posted a story about a friend whose car had broken down in the middle of the road with no help around. Now, this took place before mobile phones were a thing. Reeves was passing by, and he stopped to help her, called AAA, and even dropped her at her place which was 50 miles away from his destination. Forget about being a star, how many people would do that for a complete stranger? As for his behavior in the car? He was a complete gentleman, and despite her hopes that he would hit on her, he didn’t.

Another user posted that back in 2012, he had seen Keanu Reeves one night at an Eddie Izzard show in Los Angeles. Keanu stood in a queue just like other people. Apparently, Keanu sat very close to the person who wrote down the incident. Turns out, his tall stature became a problem for the short woman behind him. The kind man that he is, he realized it and asked her if she can see, to which she replied that she couldn’t. So Reeves slouched down in his seat and stayed that way throughout the show!

Can someone please hand over the Good Samaritan Award to him already?

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