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Electroconvulsive Therapy Becomes Normal In The UK Despite Severe Health Risk Warnings

Mental health is becoming a growing issue in the UK. Women, in particular, are becoming more vulnerable to mental disorders and according to the BBC, 32% of women in the UK are diagnosed with mental disorders in 2022. The report also highlights that the cases are higher in women when compared to men and that depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues are increasing throughout the country. However, studies show that perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame. “We are seeing the aftermath of the pandemic in women, throughout the UK,” one study notes.

SHVETS Production / Pexels / Mental health issues are growing in women across the UK.

According to the data released by the NHS, 68% of ECT recipients are women and even worse, most of them are given electric shocks without their consent. Nonetheless, the efficiency of electroconvulsive therapy is yet to be studied. However, mental experts warn that it may cause major damage to the brain of the recipient. Despite the warnings, ECT is gaining popularity across the country.

Electric Shocks May Cause Major Brain Damage to the Recipients, Warns A Study

Nevertheless, the treatment of this mental health decline issue is also ‘shocking.’ These patients are given electric shocks to treat mental disorders. Called Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECP), giving electric shocks is becoming a widely popular form of surgery in the UK. However, mental experts warn that the ECP can cause major brain damage to the recipients.

Wikimedia Commons / Giving electric shocks can cause major brain damage to the recipient. Warns a study.

Mental experts argue that electric shocks can be disastrous for the mental health of these patients. They can lose memory or can develop the symptoms of chronic mental health decline. Despite all that, Electroconvulsive Therapy is gaining popularity across the country. Data released by NHS shows that hundreds of women are given electric shocks to treat mental disorders.

However, this surgery is also turning out to be efficient for some patients. These patients not only get instant relief but also get rid of other mental issues after the surgery. But the percentage of patients who benefit from electroconvulsive therapy is very less.

Women Are More Prone to Mental Diseases and They Undergo ECT

Alex / Pexels / 68% of ECT recipients are women. Shows the data released by the NHS.

It is pertinent to note here that a vast majority of patients who receive the electric shocks are women. Likewise, the majority of these women patients have also shown chronic symptoms of mental decline – after going through the electric shock surgery. These include memory loss (they can not understand their family and friends) and going into a coma for an unknown period of time. On top of that, 25% of women undergo electric shock therapy without consent.

The report from the NHS also suggests that 25000 patients undergo electric shocks for the treatment of mental diseases – with women being 68%. Meanwhile, the data shows that women who are above the standard age (50 or above) are more prone to mental diseases. Thus, they add up to the patients who undergo ECT.

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