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How to Deal with Pre-Wedding Jitters? Five Fool-Proof Ways to Discover Your Zen Mode!

No matter, what anyone tells you, pre-wedding jitters are a normal part of getting married, and it may also make you go into a state of panic. You may have these questions bothering you, where you end up second-guessing every decision you have made. You may be completely in love with the person you will marry, yet the thought of commitment may give you the heebie-jeebies.

So, how do you deal with these inconsequential feelings that rear their ugly head from time to time? And this comes right after you fix your wedding date, and the world knows all about it.

While getting cold feet is completely normal, ignoring your feelings till they well up inside you, almost choking you is, certainly not. Here’s how you can be in a better frame of mind and make the journey from a spinster/bachelor to that of a happily married person with ease. Well, at least brave through the pre-wedding jitters like a boss!

Remember the Positives

The atmosphere around may seem taxing for a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be. Everyone around starts talking about weddings and the know-it-all married couples begin to offer you some advice. It may frighten even the bravest of all.

Instead of dwelling too much on what can be, focus on the good times. Focusing on the great memories with your partner and the life ahead will help you beat the wedding blues. The sudden unplanned movie nights, the binge-watching your favorite series together, then stopping for ice cream at odd hours or having a gala time at a bowling alley on a lazy weekend afternoon, all this and more.

Small things that add up and make the relationship you have today. Yes, the future is something you can’t look into. However, if the going has been this good, who knows it can be even better in the future. It is time to reinstate the faith in your relationship and remember the good and not-so-good days that comprise your relationship. The not-so-good days when everything was going wrong till the certain person you trust blindly made an appearance on the rocky horizon and made things better for you.

Understand your Fears

Face your fears, and don’t brush them under the carpet. If you think there have been some things bothering you.

Certain issues between the two of you may crop, upsetting the balance cart. At times like that, it is important to tackle it before it blows up in your face. Ignoring the issues is never the answer. Talk it out with your spouse-to-be. Confess your innermost feelings to the person.

Even if things become ugly and you end up fighting it over the niggling issues, it is still worth it. Now is the time to sort out the issues. Sometimes talking it out helps, and yes, long face-to-face conversations are what you should aim for.

Relax and Enjoy

We know doing the things you like becomes increasingly difficult when the countdown begins for the D-day. It may be enjoying your time out with your best friend, going out to dinner with your family, or just enjoying a long and luxurious spa day. Spending some time alone with yourself gives you a fresh perspective.

Also, a tub of ice cream and good old dark chocolate with your sibling can help settle those pre-wedding jitters especially. Pre-wedding time is stressful for most of us. However, taking time out from the wedding preps can help you relax.

Listen to the Voice of Reason

Modern relationships always aim to be perfect. The constant reminders of your oh-so-perfect weddings of your friends and acquaintances can make you feel vulnerable. Your wedding day need not be perfect, but whatever it turns out to be, it will be the biggest milestone in your relationship. So, don’t let the pressure bother you. After all, you are unique and let your relationship and marriage turn out to be just that, unique. A real relationship must not hide behind the facade of pomp and glory.


Think about these things, and if the pre-wedding jitters continue to bother you, you can discuss it out with a third person or a counselor. A counselor can very often find the chinks in the armor more easily than others. Also, it is completely okay to discuss it out with a counselor. As they say, it is okay to be not okay. When you acknowledge that you are not, that’s when you start to heal and deal with problems.

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