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Comedy Central’s Clusterfest: Four Mental Health Tips From Comedians That You Should Be Taking Seriously

Comedians are people whom we expect to make us laugh with their every joke and funny anecdote. These people are naturally gifted to tickle their audience’s funny bone. However, several of them have fallen prey to depression and other mental disorders in the past. While some have been able to tide over troubled waters, depression has forced many others to take their own lives.

Those who are now leading normal lives have the potential to be the best guides on how to cope up with the challenge and bring around a change in life. A few of these gagsters came together for Comedy Central’s Clusterfest 2019, a three-day comedy festival, and opened up about their mental health issues. They outlined tips to attain mental wellness, some of which might work for you, too. Here’s a roundup.

You Are Not The Only One

It’s not just you who are reeling under the horrid effects of depression. Among those present there was Tig Notaro, who claimed that a microphone can ease down things a lot. Tig was of the opinion that a lot of people struggle with the microphone, and if you hand it over to anyone, be it your neighbor, your friends, or anyone from the audience, a majority of them wouldn’t know what to do with a microphone. A struggle with the mic is pretty common. Tig probably made the microphone his ultimate weapon to rejuvenate himself whenever he felt down and out. Of course, he is blessed with the talent of making people laugh and that made his work seem like a cakewalk. He started medication since he was 24, but getting exposed to the mic perhaps proved to be the key to a better mental-well being.

Fake A Smile Until A Real Smile Appears

However hackneyed this might seem to you, a fake smile somehow does the trick. While it’s not exactly preferable to fake a smile, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it’ll turn into a real genuine one as long as you’re with the right people. Just don’t think about it too much. Don’t keep thinking that it’s fake. Just go with the flow, and you’ll eventually find yourself laughing at some silly thing your friend said. Happiness is contagious, and when you’re with happy people, you’ll find yourself flashing a genuine smile in no time.

The More You Struggle, The Stronger You Become

When you are hit by rejection, tragedy, and failure, you are bound to get bogged down and feel discouraged. It’s not easy to hold your head high while you struggle to make it through the day. Moving forward with determination is probably the only way to keep misfortune at bay. You need to keep on trying since the moment you stop trying, despair and depression will weigh you down. Carry all your failures on your shoulder and learn to do better. The darkness of the night has to give way to sunshine.

Be There For Your Friend Who Is Facing A Crisis

Everything that the comedians present on the panel voiced was to the point and packed with positivity. Such authority on this particular topic could only be gained through personal experiences. There is actually no other way. They have this uncanny ability to punch a joke into such an appalling, sensitive, and tabooed subject and mold it into a hilarious conversation. Long-term depression and deteriorating mental health can eventually lead people to end their lives. Suicide is never a solution, no matter how depressed you are. Whenever you feel that your friend is going through a tumultuous situation and showing signs of suicidal tendencies, your job is to support them. Try to take their burden off of them as much as possible since that is of paramount importance in such a situation. Moreover, it would be a nice gesture from your part as well.

Staying away from social media is another good antidote. More than the upsides, there are the downsides of using social media which harm you the most. Try out these tricks and hopefully, you would get the desired results. Keep anxiety and depression out of your life as much as you can. You can always win over stress with a smile.

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