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This Is How You Can Overcome Your Mental Laziness

Chatter and mental noise are often associated with active thinking. Nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is that the majority of you are actually mentally lazy. The brain’s function is automatic, but you no one prefers to ponder on this. Everybody learns to accept this and therefore, spends the rest of their lives with it. It might come as a surprise to you to know that almost 90% to 95% of your thinking is driven by the subconscious mind. This implies that less than 10% of your thoughts come to the conscious mind on the basis of what kind of experience you go through.

The Disadvantages Of Mental Laziness

You might be absolutely fine with automating your mind if you are content with the kind of belief and thoughts that you possess and kind of having a great time at present. However, if you are lost in negative thoughts, you might find yourself far away from the good moments that life has to offer.

The disadvantages associated with automated thinking are many. On average, around 70% of your thoughts can be negative. That’s actually a misuse of mind power. If you prefer to stay immersed in negative beliefs and thinking, chances of your collective experience to improve are feeble.

Mental laziness can also lead to serious health issues. As per estimations, one-third of the patients heal through the placebo effect. Similarly, incessant negative thinking can bring out serious illness, i.e. what you know as the nocebo effect. If you are constantly lost in your thoughts, you would have to go through boredom, anxiety, stress, and several other negative mental conditions. A perfectly conditioned mind can prevent you from living up to your potential. You have become accustomed to your inabilities and accepted that you have flaws. You would never try to take yourself out of that belief and perform to the best of your ability.

How Can You Strengthen Your Conscious Thinking?

Strengthening your conscious thinking and motivating yourself is more about challenging all the negative beliefs you have stored within you all this while. You need to observe your thoughts. Thoughts are temporary. Just keep a note of the thought as it comes and goes. There is no need to judge it. All you need to do is, observe. The moment you start paying attention to a negative thought, it starts undergoing a transformation and eventually fades away.

As you observe the thoughts, you will also come to know about the ones that keep cropping up time and again. Questioning yourself regarding why you are having a particular thought is not necessary. Just let it be. Allow it to pass. Meditate as much as possible. Start practicing meditation for ten minutes at a stretch and slowly increase the time. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. In case you lose focus, focus back on your breath. Meditation is indispensable in soothing your mind down.

In addition to meditation, multi-tasking accentuates your automatic thinking and along with that, absent-mindedness. When your attention is divided, you lose out on the desired results. Try to perform one task at a time and devote all your efforts, intention, and attention to it. Practice mindfulness and pay attention to whichever task you undertake.

Do Not Stop Dreaming

Be clear about your objectives in life. Never stop dreaming and try to unearth the possibilities of what you can achieve in life. This is mandatory if you want to progress in life. Negative thinking and beliefs won’t take you further. Refrain from getting involved in escapism activities. Escaping from problems is very easy, facing them is not. Coming to alcohol consumption, people have the wrong notion that they will experience a spiritual high with its use. In reality, alcohol and drugs force you to go through lower consciousness.

Being aware of your thoughts brings you closer to being aware of your potential. Thoughts are powerful since they are a form of energy that has a deep impact on the quality of what you go through in life. Aside from that, you have to have control over what you need to do and for how long. Only then, can you discard the negative thoughts from your subconscious mind and reduce mental laziness.

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