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You Can Never Guess That These Physical Symptoms Are Brought About By Loneliness

Studies have proven that humans really are social beings – this means that we need other people and we need to interact with them in our lifetime. Moreover, science has pointed out that loneliness is as deadly as smoking over 10 sticks of cigarettes a day.

This is extremely disturbing, especially since we are living in a terrifying time when our physical and social interactions have been limited. Unfortunately, some people don’t find it easy to admit their feelings because of the stigma while others simply fail to realize or recognize them, so here are physical signs that you may be lonely:

Sleeping Problems

Finding it hard to fall asleep may be a result of many problems, including depression and anxiety. It can also be a sign that you’re lonely.

Moreover, being lonely can also manifest in your need to sleep most of the time. You may be brushing off your feelings but it will certainly surface in physical symptoms.

Weight Gain

Apart from stimulating the stress hormone cortisol that can take a toll on the immune system, loneliness can also promote the release of the chemical in charge of hunger. Because of the increased levels of ghrelin, a lonely person’s appetite is heightened.

People who are lonely tend to feel that they would be happy if they overeat, thinking that food can fill the void. If practiced regularly, this may lead to unwanted weight gain.

Social Media Dependence

Although social media dependence is not a physical symptom, it is a behavior that is usually exhibited by lonely people. Constantly checking your phone to see your ‘friends’ online is a very telling sign that you crave interaction and socialization.

Using social media to replace real-life friends at the time of the pandemic may be the easiest solution to missing our peers but done long-term, it could result in dependence or addiction.


Headaches are typical for stressed people but it can also be indicative of a deeper emotional problem. This is usually a symptom of depression, anxiety, and loneliness.


Getting sick is a part of life and no matter how healthy you are, you will still acquire diseases from time to time. However, if you suffer from loneliness, you are likely to catch illnesses repeatedly.

They may feel that it’s just a recurring physical problem but what lonely people forget is how falling sick can be connected to their emotions.

Cold Symptoms

Loneliness can make us susceptible to illnesses because we feel hyper-vigilant – that is, our immune system is suppressed due to our bodies feeling vulnerable. Because we lack interaction, our bodies feel we are under attack.

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