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4 Expert Tips to Staying Happy Even in Mood Swings

Our state of mind determines our outlook on the outside world. If you are happy, for example, it will seem that the whole world is happy as everyone will laugh with you. Likewise, if you are sad, your surroundings will look sad too. For some, happiness is the ultimate purpose of life. And for others, happiness is a pathway, not a destination. It is a series of journeys that are achieved through constant struggle.

Vinicius / Pexels / Happiness is not a destiny. It is rather a journey.

In the post COVID era, it seems like the pandemic has whisked away all our happiness. Everybody seems gloomy and tense. Luckily, there are some tips that you can follow that will be handy for you in staying happy. Also, if your mood swings every now and then, these tips will help you out. Let’s analyze those happiness tips step by step:

  1. Own Your Worries

“One of the foremost mistakes people make in general is that they force themselves to stop thinking about their worries,” argues Dr. Jhalpa, who is a New York-based clinical psychologist. Furthermore, Dr. Jhalpa suggests that owning our worries and confessing the negative facet of our lives can lead to a happy conclusion.

Andrea / Pexels / You can’t solve a problem unless you don’t own it.

“If you own your worries, you will have a realistic corpus approach to handle them. In realism, lies the actual happiness,” he concludes. So, as the first tip to happiness, own your worries. Acknowledge them. Understand that they are an inseparable part of your life. Once you have your worries figured out, find solutions to them.

2. Appreciate the Good Things in Your Life

Beyond the shadow of any doubt, life is full of good things. There are numberless divine and natural gifts that we should appreciate. After all, life itself is a gift that we need to appreciate. As we speak, there are a sea of people at their death beds. They are fighting between life and death. How lucky are you if you have got good health, a shelter above your head, and food to eat?

Nonetheless, developing this pluralistic approach toward life takes time. And when you do start counting the blessings and gifts of life, you will be amazed by seeing how blessed you are. So, “appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had,” as they say. Count the blessings in your life and appreciate them.

3. Eat Healthy

Andrea / Pexels / What you consume every day is directly linked to your state of mind. Eat wisely!

Did you know that what you consume every day is directly linked to your state of mind? That is right. What you eat in your daily routine is directly proportional to whether you will be happy or sad. If you eat healthy food and a balanced diet, not only will it help you in maintaining good physical health, but you will also have sound mental health. Consequently, you will be a happy man.

4. Stay Connected With Your Relatives and Loved Ones

There is no doubt that your blood relatives, colleagues, and friends contribute a vital part to your entire well-being. In fact, you are the total sum of who you surround yourself with. Staying connected with them can enhance your current state of mind and can make you happy. Laugh and spend a good time with them. In turn, they will contribute to your happiness.

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