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October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Here’s How You Can Participate

You do know everything about October being the domestic violence awareness month, right? In case you don’t, the purpose of observing this is to celebrate the survivors of domestic violence, mourn victims, and try to bring around the change. This is a nation-wide event, which takes place in October every year.

This event aims to connect individuals who are voicing their support to eliminate violence against kids and women. This year marks the 31st year of the event, with the first event dating back to 1987. If you wish to participate in it, here is what you need to know!

Always Wear Purple

A purple ribbon represents the Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This purple ribbon symbolizes honor, courage, survival, and dedication to ending domestic violence. By wearing purple, you can raise awareness about the DVAM the Domestic Violence Awareness Month. You can choose to wear a ribbon or, in that case, purple t-shirts. Aside from that, donning necklaces or bracelets can be other options too.

Attend an Event

If you can’t host an event or conduct a campaign supporting this cause, do not worry. Many events happen everywhere in support of the DVAM. You could sign up for one of those and play a role in publicizing the cause. Attending events that others are conducting in your local community or your state to support this cause will be a great step too.

There are numerous fundraiser events that let you connect with survivors of domestic violence. Talking to them will give you a better understanding of domestic violence, how the way it impacts a person’s life! Going through the events list on NRCDV or National Resource Center on Domestic Violence is an easy way to find out about the events happening in your area. Besides that, you could also collaborate with other women and child welfare organizations to create awareness.

Publicize the Event

DVAM is an appropriate time to spread awareness about domestic violence and strike up a conversation. You can publicize the events in several ways. For instance, you could create or join an online forum and open dialogue on the significance of domestic violence awareness. Aside from that, you can also wear purple and let people know the purpose.

Remember, the word of mouth can play a major role in attracting people in a large way. You can get the attention by promoting any particular local event. Sharing the latest updates about domestic violence is not enough. You will have to catch the imagination of the public. For that, your promotional material should be newsworthy. Social media is a great platform to promote events. Choose a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and put your message across to the people.

Volunteer For Events

Volunteering for an event in your locality might seem to be quite obvious. However, its effects are far-reaching. Moreover, it is an impactful way to let others know how passionate you are about the entire thing. You can surely contribute to the cause and try to bring around a change in the lives of those who are shattered due to domestic violence. You can volunteer for shelters or hotlines, get a close understanding of what victims go through, and help them in times of a crisis. At the end of the day, you are bound to experience a great deal of satisfaction.

Share Your Life’s Story

If you are a domestic abuse survivor, sharing your story might inspire many people out there to look out for help. It might give them the much-needed courage to walk away from their abuser. Aside from that, your story can also be helpful for those who haven’t been through such a deadly situation ever. They will realize the importance of connecting with the cause and advocate for a change.

If you really have made up your mind to participate in the efforts taken to make a change in the lives of people who have seen dark days due to domestic violence, the DVAM is a golden opportunity. The aforesaid tips and suggestions might be of great help if you are planning to be a part of the campaign. If you want to go to the next level and address the issues in your family in a constructive way, do not hesitate to consult a family counselor.

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