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What Is It Like To Grow Up In A Dysfunctional Family

You will come across a lot of people who claim to belong to dysfunctional families. In many cases, they blame their families for the current problems in their lives but hardly take any responsibility for their actions. In other cases, the experiences one had in the past while growing up in a dysfunctional family can have a huge impact on one’s behavior later on. How would you realize that dysfunction in your family is increasing problems in your lives? The best way is to get to the bottom of this issue and learn more about what goes on in dysfunctional families and what are the issues that crop up in such situations. You can also learn about the effects that turmoil within a family can have on you growing up.

What is a Dysfunctional Family?

While starting your journey, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to learn the definition of a dysfunctional family. It can be defined as a family that has multiple conflicts within the members. Examples of such internal conflicts can be parent-child conflicts, domestic violence, single parenthood, mental illness, sibling rivalries, etc. There can be external conflicts as well – like substance abuse, gambling, extramarital affairs, unemployment, etc. The basic definition of a dysfunctional family is a family where there are plenty of negative influences that have a detrimental impact on the basic needs of any individual. This definition separates the families that have minor dysfunction from families where dysfunction is a major issue. But what causes a family dysfunction? Find out.

Family History

Parents often imbibe their parenting styles from their own parents. If they have been abused by their parents, they tend to abuse their children. If their parents have been too lenient with them, they tend to be way too lenient with their kids. They may also walk in their parents’ footsteps and manipulate their kids. They might not realize the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with their children. People who have grown up in a dysfunctional family have an advantage. They refrain from behaving similarly to their kids. Dealing with similar issues can be easier for them. They emphasize how to treat others with love, respect, and appreciation. They can overcome the issues they have faced. But they should have the willingness to do so.

Medical Issues

Physical illness is not the only factor that can cause family dysfunction. However, physical illness can complicate things in the family. Some parents tend to pressurize their children into doing certain things and that, in turn, puts the children under intense anxiety, stress, and depression. If a child in the family falls ill, parents put their entire focus and energy on that child, while neglecting the other kids. Of course, an illness puts a family under a lot of strain and parents hardly have any control over that. However, controlling your actions is definitely within your capacity. By utilizing the available resources, you can fulfill the needs of your children. Medical problems within the family are a massive challenge. But with the right kind of help, keeping your family in a good state is not that tough.

Mental Illness

Psychological problems can lead to behavioral issues. This can cause discord within the family. Mental illness is common these days. But people having an untreated mental health issue can pose a serious challenge for the family. This situation can turn a functional family into a dysfunctional one. If mentally ill people are treated properly, they can prove their worth as great parents and bring positivity to the lives of their children.

Life Circumstances

Stress has become almost unavoidable in recent times. Having a low level or no stress can positively impact the lives of other people. However, too much stress can put the security and well-being of a family at stake. Not only does excessive stress lead to strained relationships, but it can also lead to hostility within the family members as well. If you want to be happy and contribute to the well-being of your family and children, you have to learn how to deal with the stressors of life. When you teach your children how to cope with stress healthily, they would go on to stay calm even in dire and stressful circumstances.

Ineffective communication within a family, lack of empathy towards the children, being too much perfect, and constant criticism are some other major reasons that lead to family dysfunction.

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