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These Incredible Celebrity Houses Will Leave You Speechless – They Sure Know How To Live In Style

Wesley Snipes – Est. $4.1 Million, Alpine

The popular actor, producer, director, author, and martial artist made a name for himself with his portrayals in films such as White Men Can’t Jump and Demolition Man. But you probably know him better as Blade, the role he played in the famous Blade trilogy. Naturally, Snipes managed to rake in considerable wealth from his many roles and projects. And what should a man do when he has a lot of money?Buy expensive properties, of course! According to the property reports, Snipes and his wife, Nikki Park, had their nest in Alpine, New Jersey. While we don’t know many details of what’s inside the house, the exterior looks gorgeous – no wonder Snipes was drawn to this place! However, the couple sold it off in 2014 at a price close to $4.125 million. Not a bad deal we would say. We are curious to know what the couple snaps up next.

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